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I was just wondering this one day....hopefully i can get some answers..
                                            I’ve always wondered what true happiness was, or if I could even accomplish it. Was it something you achieved over time, or was it something that you just had. True happiness, I believe, we are all looking for though, in our own ways. Trying to come up with our own form of it. But does anyone have true happiness? The poor won’t be happy till they’re rich. And the rich are so greedy and consumed with their wealth they just think they are happy. They believe that since they have no need for anything they are happy. They live in their own little world where it’s just about them and their money. Nothing else matters.
                             Is there even such a thing as true happiness? Is anyone in this world truly and honestly happy? To be honest, in my belief, I don’t think so. I think that people that claim they are happy are just in a delusion of happiness. They think they are, but if you ask them specifically and repeatedly if they are and about certain things they will start to question their own happiness. They will wonder, and ask themselves, “Am I really happy with things?” Even the once so certain people begin to doubt. Yes, maybe somewhere out there there are truly happy people. But they are rare, and special cases that are the exception.
                             And what is the exception you ask. The exception is the maybe 1-10% of the worlds population that is truly happy. For whatever reason they have to be though, I am unaware of.
                             But what is True happiness? What is the accurate definition of it. You could Google it, or try and look it up in a dictionary. But what you get from that is a scientific cut dry definition. And since when is something like that scientific, or cut and dry. You can’t accurately define something so specific and captivating, and something that people for generations’ even centuries have been trying to achieve. Some could say that true happiness comes from the heart. It’s an emotion that you feel when you are truly content with yourself, your life, and those around you. You have no need and you are at peace. I believe this to be a very good definition of it. But if you ask random people you will get different answers, all pretty much centered around the same idea, but still with variations to the definition.
                             Happiness is a virtue that many people for centuries have tried to gain and aspire to, but none have accomplished. Sometimes it is as mythological as the Fountain of Youth, or the Holy Grail, so many have heard about it, but none have actually seen or experienced. Yes though, there are times in a person’s life where they are actually content, and they may even feel happy. I myself have experienced this point. But it never last and soon it’s just a memory of what could’ve been. Frustrating as this may seem, we still move on with life.
                             I believe that we will never stop in our search for true happiness. Some may accomplish it, but like I said they are the exception and they have their very own special reasons. But no one will ever find that true state of euphoria. Of being so right and happy in this world, that nothing else matters. No, no one will ever find that here. Maybe happiness is strictly reserved for the gods, or God, or what ever you may believe. Maybe the reason why we don’t get to experience it here is so we have something to look forward to in the afterlife. Something we’ve wanted so long and finally get. Like that oh so wonderful refreshing drink of cool water we get after spending a life time in the desert. When we finally get it it’s the most amazing thing we have ever experienced. Pure ecstasy.
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