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by Ajay
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The four dimensional space-time-consciousness continuum is God or Nature
The whole of Universe is matter-energy.Elctromagnetism creates energy.The energy makes evolve particles and particles in turn make elements.The whole material world is made up of elements

Matter-Energy happens in the time-space continuum.Electromagnetism and gravitation make the three dimensions,that make space.

The electromagnetism constitutes the cosmic `length` and `width  and the gravitation is the cosmic `height`.The space is the expand of Electro~magneto-gravitation.

The interplay of the three dimensios of space,electromagnetism and gravitation makes matter-energy.

The order of these events makes Time-the fourth dimension.

The consciousness and the space are the interior and exterior of the same thing.

The consciousness-space by the interaction of its properties creates the world.

The consciousness-space is a continuum without borders.It has no outside and can not have an outside.

If there is and can be a God,it is and can only be this Consciousness-Space Continuum which makes,keeps and takes back all.

The four dimensional  space-time-consciousness continuum is God or Nature.

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