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Orders came before their first Christmas together. (Form: Balassi Stanza)
The Forever Gift

His orders came before
his first Christmas ashore
where he had planned to propose.
As if she understood,
“It’s for the greater good,”
she said. “Everybody knows.”
She couldn’t hide the tears
brought to her eyes by fears
of what might be when he goes.

At last Christmas day came.
A package with her name
was delivered to her door.
It had no “From” address
although she had a guess.
She felt her heart start to soar.
She clutched it to her breast
and felt that she was blessed
to feel his closeness once more.

Inside a ring and note.
The words caught in her throat
as she read through tear-filled eyes.
This ring is just a pact,
a symbol in abstract,
of the love that it implies.
With you, I am complete
and distance can’t defeat
a true love that never dies.

The words touched her inside
and even as she cried
she felt his love surround her.
Her worries disappeared,
like the skies had cleared.
At last, the sun had found her.
She now felt reassured
that all could be endured
with his love all around her.

An entry for December 20 of "A Poem A Day Contest [E]
Prompt(s) Used: Prompt 2 and 3
Prompt 2: Write a poem about a very special package.
Prompt 3: Write a Balassi Stanza Poem. Each stanza consists of 9 lines. There is no limit to the amount of stanzas, however the minimum is 1 stanza. (remember contest line limit). The syllable count is 6,6,7,6,6,7,6,6,7. The rhyme scheme is a,a,b,c,c,b,d,d,b

Line Limit: 40
Line count: 36

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