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This is, yet, another idea for the story i'm working on....
          The aroma of baked goods and delicious food filled the air of Aunt Birdie's home. People were scattered about the house. I could hear snippets of different conversations going on as I sat next to Ian on the couch. Ian's hand felt warm as he laid it on top of mine. Aunt Birdie hobbled into the room and clapped her pudgy hand together. "Okay, who's ready to open presents!" She exclaimed. Everyone began hooting an hollering as Aunt Birdie made her way towards the tree. When She got there She bent down and picked up the first gift. "Jeanette, this one is for you" Aunt Birdie said and tossed it to my older sister. One by one the presents were passed around. Wrapping paper began cluttering the floor and people began getting in to a frenzies over the new found items. "Well" said Aunt Birdie, "this seems to be all the presents." Ian got up off the couch and looked behind one of the many village pieces under the tree. "Looks like you missed this one" Ian said. in his hand he held a small present. It was wrapped in green and red paper and had a white ribbon on top. It seemed to fit in the palm of his hand. Ian looked down at it and smiled. "It's for you, Cara" Ian said handing it to me. I hesitated a moment, but took the gift. My heart began to speed up as I tore the wrapping off of it. Once the wrapping was off, I stared at it. In my hand was a small black box. I slowly opened the lid. When the lid was opened I became confused. There was nothing in the box but a piece of white paper. I slowly took the paper out and read:

                                              Will you marry me?

I looked up to see Ian on one knee with the ring in his hand. Fifty pairs of eyes stared as they waited for me to answer. Aunt Birdie was bouncing in her place with excitement. Ian smiled at me as he waited for my answer. "Are you crazy!" I said, "were only eighteen." Ian laughed as he got up off his knee and sat down beside me. "Cara, age is just a number" He began, "I'm going to marry you just as I know the sun is gonna shine tomorrow. Even if it means I have to wait twenty years." Awes echoed around the room. Aunt Birdie did everything she could to hide the tears roiling down her cheeks. I knew this was the man God created for me. There was no doubt about it. "Yes" I said in a shaky voice, "I'll marry you." Exclaims of joy and congratulations began around the room as Ian slipped the ring on my left hand. The he leaned in and kissed me. I knew at that moment my life would change forever.
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