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by brom21
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An alien girl waits for her kind to come back and bring her home but one task awaits her.
It was the longest night of her life. She had expected for them to return for her hours ago. Liestra kept staring at the sky filled with beautiful twinkling stars as she stood on a mountain top. She was looking for any sign of them. How could they forget me? Isn't there someone close enough to communicate with me telepathically? I'm so tired of this planet! I can't live here anymore. This world does have beauty, but these care takers, these humans destroy and abuse it,"Liestra mused.

Three more hours passed and still she kept hoping for any sign of an approaching bright light, any sign of a spacecraft from her world. It was now 4am and Liestra thought that all was lost. She cried and was filled with grief and felt horrifyingly alone. She peered above her one more time and cried with a loud voice. "WHERE ARE YOU!!" She tried to use her telepathy to hone in on anyone around the solar system that could hear her. Liestra fell to her knees. She agonized about her despair and how her own kin from Drekenar, her planet, would abandon her. Just when she had come to terms with being stranded on Earth forever, her telepathic mind picked up a message. She was too far to hear an actual voice, but the message was clear. Save Currian.

Save Currian? How could he be here? He just takes care of the exploration archives. If he was I would have been able to mentally communicate with him. Then she was startled by a loud boom behind her.

She slipped down a crater that the blast had made. At the bottom, a metal sphere opened up and a hologram projected an image. "Liestra, our our ships have been totally blockaded from entering your assigned planet's galaxy quadrant. The Droliens have managed to fortify there control near your area of space. Our retrieval will be postponed. Currian has been taken hostage from a routine galaxy study."

"The Droliens must know that he holds special knowledge. We believe he was taken to Earth. It is certain they are using their new mind blocking technology so that you cant sense him." A small contraction slipped out revealing a circular ring with panels and lights all around it "This device will greatly amplify your telepathic powers so that you can locate him. You have four Earth hours to find him and bring him back to the pick up site. That is the only time we'll be able to send a ship through their forces to reach you both. Be prepared." The image disappeared in a flash of light. Liestra looked at it blankly. Then she saw a small message written in her language. Place around neck. She followed the instruction and put on the device resembling a diadem shining with jewels. Instantly she perceived where Currian was situated. He was about six miles to the West from where she was.

Liestra ran down the mountain until she reached a rural highway. How I supposed to get to him? she thought. As she was frozen in uncertainty and anxiousness, a Chevy van pulled up next to her. A man unrolled his window and Liestra saw a woman sitting next to him with two children sitting behind the two parents. "Do you need a ride miss? My wife and I would be wore than wiling to take you into town." he said.

Liestra contemplated the small group of humans. Can I trust them? They seem friendly. I have to take the risk. She thought. "Yes. I'd appreciate that."

"Okay, just hop it he back seat. Daren, move to the middle,"he spoke to his son.

She got in and they drove off. "Where are you headed?" the man asked.

She could tell his location was getting closer. "Just two miles further."

Within twenty minutes she became nervous and scared. Currian was only a few blocks away. "Okay this is where I need to get off. Thank you kind sir," the grateful female alien said.

She sensed him near and entered a warehouse where he was. She was only several yards away from Currian's direct spot. Liestra came to a door. "What do I do? There's probably at least ten agents behind this door!" She summoned up all her wits and barged in and there he was! "Currian! I'm so happy to see you! Why are just standing there? He remained silent. Suddenly three Droliens stepped from behind a large crate.

"You're too late," one of them said holding a disruptor.

She stood there as a thought came to her mind. What if this amplification device will allow me to mentally interfere with their thoughts. Droliens aren't telepathic, but just maybe... She shut her eyes and focused her mind on one of the Droliens. Several seconds later the armed agent dropped his weapon and fell to the ground holding his head screaming. "She quickly immobilized the remaining Droliens in the same manner. After agonizing on the ground they became lifeless. Only thirty minutes remained until the ship would come for them and were far from the mountain spot.

"A ship is supposed to reach Earth in thirty minutes but the pick up point is miles away on a mountain top,"she said frantically.

"There's still hope. Don't forget, the Droliens came by ship as well. It only has enough power to travel a short distance,"he said. "Follow me."Currian said leading her to the ship. They quickly entered the vessel and as soon as Currian reached the control he locked in the location and the flew through a large glass window. In minutes they were there. Then they looked up and saw their salvation lowering down to the them. A disk-like spacecraft landed with bright lights.

Tears of joy filled Liestra's eyes. "Home. I'm going home." Both of the aliens entered the ship and they shot of into outer space.

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