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by brom21
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A young boy gets a supernatural visit.
Twelve year old Johnathan was slouched on the couch in front of the fireplace. He stared solemnly into the flames not noticing the guests that were arriving for the Christmas party. His mother Susan looked at him from across the kitchen. She new exactly why he was so sad. She walked over and sat next to him.

"John, please try to enjoy Christmas this year. I know you're still sad about what happened but you have to move on."

"You don't know how close we were. He was more than just a grandparent. He was like a best friend," John said.

"He was my own father John. If anyone felt crushed by his death its me. This is the second Christmas without him and I know what he was to you, to all of us."

"I remember his jokes, the movies we watched together, his advice and most of all I miss how he showed how much he much he loved me."

The door bell rang and john's father opened the door. It was his sister Denise.

"Come on son. Everyone is here now. Its time to eat," Susan said.

He slowly got up and went to the table and was greeted by family members and friends. "Hey John! Merry Christmas! It's nice to see you." Denise said. "Hey sport what's up?" her boyfriend said. About twenty people sat down on a long table with all kinds of side dishes and the main course, an extremely large ham.

"Okay who's going to say the prayer this year? Any volunteers?"said Herb, one of John's uncles .

"I will," said Susan." Dear Lord, we thank you for this food, this house and the family and friends that have come together to celebrate the birth of you're Son. Bless us and keep us safe. Amen"

John didn't feel like eating as he stared at his empty plate, still sulking. Susan saw him sitting there. She got out of her seat and went around the table to where John was. "You have to eat something," she said as she fixed him a plate."Now eat."

John forced himself to fill his mouth with a few bites but he didn't even taste the food. Time went by agonizingly slow, as people laughed and engaged in conversation.

The time came when everyone opened presents. At last the festivities came to an end and the guests left in parties until it was just John and his two parents. It was now 9pm, his bed time. He was about to go to his room upstairs, when he noticed an envelope on the table. "Hmm.. I didn't see that there. I wonder who its for?" John said
To Johnathan it read. He quickly opened it and found a letter with an instruction written on it. Meet me in the garage at 10:30 Johnathan was curious and a little scared too. He quickly ran to his room and slid into bed with anxiousness. . For some reason he felt joyful excitement that he hadn't experienced since his grandfather died. It was special, almost magical. Finally it was time. He went downstairs, entered the kitchen, and walked to the garage door. He had butterflies in his stomach as he slowly turned the door handle and stepped inside. He switched the lights on and elation coursed through his body at what he saw.

"Grandpa!? You're dead though!

"I did die, but God chose to give you a special present this Christmas. He's seen how sad you've been and wanted to give you the thing you've wanted these past two years. It's me in the flesh!"

"Grandpa Rick!" John said as he embraced him with tears.

"So what do you what to do tonight? Go to the movies? Make a snowman? Anything you want."

"Can we do what we always did during Christmas time?"he said beaming.

"A sleigh ride it is." Rick snapped his fingers and in a flash of light they were outside. Just several yards away was a sleigh with a man holding the reigns. They trudged through the snow and approached it.

"Hello Johnathan. I thought you'd want a sleigh ride,"said the sleigh man.

"How do you know me?"

"This is my friend Mathew. He's an angel," his grandfather said."Now hop on"

They went past their usual spots that they always visited when riding. The first place they passed was the toy store, then the shopping mall, then the Salvation Army building and finally the ice skating rink.

"You up for some skating?"

"Yeah!' said John.

Rick pulled out two pairs of skates from underneath the seats and they both put them on. They circled around the rink for over an hour.

"I'm so happy you'r finally back. I've missed you so much. Come on lets make a snowman!"

Rick smiled and began rolling a ball of snow as Johnathan helped. After rolling two balls of snow, they stacked them making a perfect snow man.

"Can we go to the movies?"

His grandfather looked down. "I have to go now. You don't know how much these few hours have been to me."

"Do you have to go now? Can't you ask God for more time. Will you ever visit me again?"

"I'm sorry, God's calling me back right now. But there is one last thing we can do together. Have you wondered what its lie to fly? Take my hand." Johnathan took his hand and instantly they shot off into the sky. It felt so freeing and refreshing.

"Good bye John. We'll be together someday."

The next thing he knew he opened his eyes laying on his bed and it was morning.

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