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Death is just the beginning of your real life. But the end of your livelihood.
I wonder how to face the world.
the beating of my heart gets slow
make me think,
make me cry,
make me wonder why.

A cover, from what I felt
Gets stronger, like a tight belt
But i don't, have my heart for sale
Like everyone in pain
in winter melting rain

And it makes me go down
To the bottom of the cloud
Just to see a little love
Hello is anyone there(?)
in the middle of nowhere
In the forest of my hope
Oh i was wrong, I shouldn't come alone

But my mind won't respond
And the pieces of my soul
won't afford buying this handmade God
Why(?), How(?), When(?)
all these questions in my head
And I'm feeling all alone
Oh i was wrong, I shouldn't come alone

A wounded shadow, slowly fades
No feel of touch, no feel of pain
No thoughts to waste, no sound of rain
What I've been, and what I've say
Swallowed by hail

A broken tear, says goodbye
people cry, and passing by
showing debt, showing truth
now they can, they won't lose
Fairytale of youth

And it makes me try to hide
In the light of desire
In the coast of floating sins
But i couldn't win this fight
And I'm sorry soul of mine
This is harder than it seems.
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