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by brom21
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A young boy gets a special gift filled with something more than just a simple present.
It was Christmas morning. Charlie and his family were joyfully opening presents from under the tree. His two sisters, Gabriela and Lindsey, got just what they wanted; the newest barbie dolls with small corset dresses and a two bonnets with pink bows on top. As for his parents, Jeff and Karen, they both received gift certificates from each other. Charlie himself got one big gift. It was a medium sized box wrapped in candy candy cane paper.

"I know exactly what this is!" he said jubilantly. He ravaged the paper into shreds. "Yes! A PS3! Can we hook it up now?"

"After we clean up this mess of wrapping paper and after you tidy up your room,"said Jeff.

Charlie jumped to the task of helping his family clean up the garbage sprawled all over the floor. When they were finished, his parents went to the kitchen to enjoy a cup of coffee while his sisters played with their dolls in the living room. He couldn't wait to play his new game console. Then, there was a knock at the door. Karen opened the it and there was the mail carrier covered with snow as he held a package.

"Thank you so much Mr. Frio,"she said to there carrier.

"No problem. Merry Christmas," he answered.

"Its for you Charlie, from your uncle Denny." She gave it to her son who immediately went to work on the wrapping paper. For some reason, however, he could not open it. He gave it to to his dad who tried to cut it with scissors, but it would not cut through. His dad then attempted to cut it with a steak knife but it still would't open.

"Hmm..the blade must be dull. I'll sharpen it later son. Your mother and I are relaxing a bit. Now go clean up your room,"Jeff said.

Charlie walked to his room with the stubborn gift. He threw the gift on his bed that landed with the bottom side up. After putting together his room he went to make his bed and noticed small writing on the package. Open when you're completly alone It read. Charlie was filled with excitement at the secret writing. "Wait 'till I tell mom and dad!" He ran into the living room and noticed his dad was gone. "Where's dad?" he asked. "He went to stop by work for a few hours for the Christmas party,"she said. "I have to go visit the Wilson's real quick. I promised to visit them. I'll be back in less than an hour. I think you three can be by your'selves for that long." Without a second worry or concern she left.

Curiosity abounded when he realized that he was almost alone. He saw his two sisters out side playing in the yard with the glass doors open. He quickly shut them and elation rushed his body. With a light pull the paper ripped a little, and then Charlie completely tore it open. Instantly something colorful and bright erupted from within torn paper. It bounced around the living room for several seconds and then a cartoon clown landed in from of him."

"Hello. I'm Spiffy the Clown! Your uncle sent me to you. You might not believe it, but your uncle is an elf. He used Christmas magic to bring me to life, so here I am!"

"Wow! A real cartoon! What kind of things can yo do?"

"Anything a cartoon can do. Take my arm and pull it as hard as you can. Charlie did so and his arm stretched like a rubber band for over four yards. He released it and it snapped back to Spiffy sending him into the wall as he stuck to it like a pancake.

Charlie laughed and ran to the splattered clown and peeled him off like silly puddy. "Do you have a tire pump anywhere?"asked the flat clown. Charlie went to the hall closet and brought the pump to Spiffy. "Thanks," he said as his paper like arm put the tube in his mouth. Charlie knew what to do and took it upon himself to pump air into Spiffy until he regained his form.

"Talk about having a flat personality,"the clown said.

Charlie then got an idea as he got out a hammer and dropped it on Spiffy's right foot. "Yoooouch," he yelled. Charlie giggled watching Spiffy's toes swell like balloons.

"Ha ha ha! You're allot better than my PS3!" said Charlie. "Hey. do you want some ice cream," He said as he pulled out two fudge sticks from the freezer."

"Sweet!" Spiffy ate it in one big bite and his head turned blue with icicles."EEEK! Brain freeze. Quick! I need something warm!"

Once again, Charlie got a mischievous idea. He filled a cup of scolding hot water from the sink and gave it to Spiffy.
"Ahhh!Hot!" Charlie was rolling with laughter when Spiffy's neck and head became hot red and steam came from his ears and mouth. "Hey, why did you do that?"he asked.

"It was funny!"the boy said. "Can you make faces. I mean like totally change faces?"

"I don't like to brag but....how;'s this?" Spiffy contorted his face into a cube with holes.

"Spongebob! That's great!"

Next he stretched his ears and rounded his face.

"Micky mouse!"

"Well kiddo I have to go. Your mom will be back in a couple minutes."

"What? Will you play with me the next time I'm alone?"

"Nope, this is a once a year thing. Before I go I'll do one last trick." Spiffy changd his face into a horrific monster with red glowing eyes and ferocious teeth and roared. "Garrrrr!"

Charlie screamed in terror. "Ahhhh!" Spiffy then became normal. "That's for the burning water and dropping that hammer on my foot. I hope you'll thank your uncle and if your good, I might just come back next year. Kudos!!" He snapped his fingers and vanished into a flashing display of stardust that trickled onto the ground.

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