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I wrote this one day out of boredom
                                  As I walked I listened to the crunch of leaves and twigs under my feet. The wind shifted, and sent a chill running down my spine. I stopped and listened to the still air around me. Waiting, watching, anticipating. For what specifically? I really don’t know. I just had this feeling of impending doom. Feeling a little satisfied with hearing nothing but the normal sounds of the forest, I continued walking. When I reached the abandoned little cabin in the middle of a huge clearing, I went inside. Treading slowly, I opened the run down door, leading into the 2 bedroom wooden cabin. It was dark with spots of sunlight raining in through the little holes forming in the ceiling. I could see the dust clinging in the air, causing me to sneeze loudly. I stopped after I did dead in my tracks, afraid that I gave my position away to anybody unfriendly in here. Seeing as I heard or saw nothing I was confidant I hadn’t and that I was alone. I continued walking in. The first room was the living room. I scanned the room. Seeing the old furniture probably dating back to the 1980’s. There were holes eaten into it. And the small round wooden table was lopsided, missing its right leg. I looked to my right at a small side table. There were pictures in frames sitting on top. I picked one up, and blew off the dust that was collecting on it, and fought another sneeze. I examined the old black and white photo in the gold colored frame. There was a woman, holding what looked like her newborn baby son. She was gazing down smiling at him. The baby was gripping tightly to her index finger. Seeming to never want to let go, and the mother seemed perfectly happy with that.
                                  I put the picture frame back down, and continued my search of the cabin. The next room I walked into was off to the right of the living rom. It was the kitchen. The old linoleum floor was coming up in chucks, and the checkered board design was barely visible underneath all the dirt and debris. There was an old time, white stove to the right, and a small 1950’s yellow refrigerator to the left, next to a sink that faced a window leading to the backyard. I walked up to the wooden island in the middle of the kitchen, and ran my hand across the top of it. Although it was dirty, it was still in pretty good condition. Something I couldn’t say about the rest of the house. I walked out of the kitchen and down the hallway where there were three doors. One on my left, one on my right, and one at the end of the hall way. The one on the left was a bathroom. An old porcelain tub and his and her sink. The door on my left was a child’s bedroom. Toys in a plastic bin, and a wooden bunk bed, seeming to still be held up by some unnatural cause at this point. I was about to enter the room at the end of the hall way when I heard a door open on the other end of the house. I froze dead in my tracks, and listened. Big heavy footsteps came thundering through the dead air. Quickly I reentered the child’s room opened to two door closet and hid in as far back as I could. I got down in the fetal position and curled myself into as tight of a ball as I could, trying to make myself smaller. I listened to the sound of footsteps get closer and closer, not even realizing I had stopped breathing. When the footsteps stopped in the hallway I tensed up my body and stayed perfectly still. I could hear my heart beating in my ears. Thu thump Thu thump Thu thump. Louder and louder. The sound almost blocking out everything else, and I swore this person could hear it also. I silently cursed myself. The footsteps went into the bathroom, then in the bedroom at the end of the hallway. They then retreated a little. I thought they had given up and were about to leave. Until I heard them come back and enter the bedroom. Slowly the footsteps came further inside. I looked thru the slats of the closet door, and saw a big man in all black. He had big black boots on, and black gloves.
                              For a minute he just stood there, watching, listening. He looked like a statue and for a minute I thought he had turned into one. After what felt like forever he moved, and backed out of the room slowly. I stayed in the closet for a while after, and even though I never heard a door opening and closing showing he left the cabin, I decided to creep closely to the closet door. As I did this though I bump into a tower of small shoe boxes, and they came down around me, causing a huge crashing sound. And at that point the door flew opened revealing the man in all black. His big black gloved hand came down grabbing a chunk of hair pulling me out of the closet.
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