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by Atlas
Rated: 13+ · Novel · Action/Adventure · #1835582
When 2 kids lives are saved by an advanced society they find out they are unable to leave.
Authors Note: I'd first like to say that I've been working on this story for over a year and a half. Most of my inspiration for my writing comes from my dreams. I'll experience it, and then expand and perfect it, little by little. This story has 13 chapters including the epilogue and it was something I was really hoping to take very far. I got discouraged because I couldn't get people to read it wherever I went, and I'm really hoping that it can be critiqued here, like I need it to be for it to progress. I've spent a while on it, and it has a unique and shifting perspective, so it's going to be different. I don't plan on changing that unless I see that people continuously have issues with it. I will release each chapter separately, so if you read this, I would absolutely be enthralled if you decided to continue. Thank you all for letting me join this community, and I hope that you will enjoy this and help me expand, both the story and as a writer.

Arbour Town-

The night was dark and stormy- lightning cackled down from the skies painting streaks of white laughter across the clouds. The heavens opened up their tears and they poured down upon the Earth drowning everything in subtle drops of solemn beginnings. The night was supposed to be clear and calm but mother nature had other things in mind. I ran through the streets trying my best to avoid the falling raindrops and failing miserably. Laney did her best to keep in stride with me and I held back so I wouldn't leave her behind.

"Man, this couldn't suck more." I said as we continued to slosh our way home.

"It always can be worse- I'm not even gonna jinx it but yeah" Laney said to me as we ran.

We were on our way from the movie theater, just having seen the latest blockbuster movie. We weren't dating. There was only a year between us but we had practically grown up together. Dating was probably the last thing on her mind. I couldn't say the same. I was 19 and she was 18. We both had had interests in other people but it never reached further than just mild crushes. We preferred each others company more anyway. She was on her last year of high school and still living at home, as was I. Even though I was attending my first year of college I found it easier to stay at home where every thing I had ever known was still around.

But we still had curfew to meet (Her house, her rules my mom would say) and we were booking it back towards our houses in the storm.

We ducked under an overhang and I looked over Laney to see how she was doing. She was shivering, obviously cold and wet. Regardless she was still cuter than anybody I had ever laid eyes upon. I would try to fool myself that I wasn't interested, but I was. She was rather short at a mere 5' 2", had brunette hair and amazing eyes. They were purple, like the Lilac plants of greater New Hampshire. No one could ever explain how that was possible. Even without her lilac colored eyes she was rather unique- always out to have as much fun as possible and yet, still remaining innocent. She never acted out, never did anything wrong. Never dabbled in drugs or anything else illegal and never planned to. She had good grades in school; she was respectful and kind and caring. Essentially she was perfect.

Even eleven years later she still set me in awe. I liked to think I knew her better than anyone.

"C'mon were gonna be late if we just stand here." I nodded and we ventured into the wetness again.

Home was still a little ways off so we had to hurry. The skies were still booming and the streets were rather soul-less. Lightning gleamed down striking rather close. Laney shrieked as she jumped and then froze in place from fright. I stopped and turned around as another lightning bolt struck the satellite of a nearby house. I watched as it traveled through the connecting telephone line which led down to the road. My eyes scanned forward to see where the wire led to as my eyes stopped in front of Laney.

"Laney look out!" I bolted over and attempted to grab her and pull her out of the way. Unfortunately I couldn't outrun lightning and as it reached the end of the wire, precisely where we were standing, everything flashed over white.......

My eyes were burning and my ears were ringing. My face felt like it had been mashed into the concrete- everything was sore and it smelled like burning flesh. I rolled over as something cold and wet was draped across my forehead. I forced my eyes open as a teenage girl with red hair hung over me.

"Ughhhh... where am I?"

"Oh honey, you've awakened! This is very good news! Welcome to Arbour Town!" The girl said, overly peppy.

"Where the hell is that?" I groaned as I sat up. "And where's the nurse or doctor?"

"I am the doctor. It's amazing you're even alive- you must be very special to have been brought here and spared." I gawked at her. She couldn't be any older than myself but she was already a doctor?

"Where's Laney?"

"Ah, so that's the girl. Shes in the room next door but-" I hadn't heard the last of what she said as I was already out the door and into the next. Laney was already up and about talking to another girl. Her eyes sparkled as she noticed me and she ran over.

"Do you know where Arbour Town is?" she asked me.

"No I've never heard of it. Where the hell are we?" I directed my attention to the other girl in the room.

"Everything will become more clear once the President gets here."

"The President ?" I said astonished.

"Yes the head of this community." the girl said.

"Oh, you mean mayor." I said correcting her.

"No, president- they are in charge of every minor detail in Arbour Town, including laws, science and military."

" Military ?" This didn't make any sense.

"Ah, I'm sorry to keep you waiting." Another feminine voice rang through the air as I whirled around. Again she wasn't any older than 19.

"Hello, my name is Patricia Armand, the President of Arbor Town." My eyes widened and my jaw dropped open. None of this made any sense. How could anyone this young be doctors or presidents? And what was with there being a president of a town?

"Come we'll show you to your places."

"Wait." I said. "How old are you?"

"Age is not important in this community."

"Apparently not." I said unamused.

We were encouraged to follow her as we exited the hospital. The outside was bustling with people. The odd thing was there didn't seem to be anyone over twenty.

"Um, where are all the older people?" I asked. The President merely chuckled. We came to a round, blue-tinted, phone booth-looking thing.

"This will take us to your home" We clambered in and it didn't seem to lead anywhere- all sides were glass and it seemed to be out in the middle of the open.

"Uh, this doesn't seem to go anywhere. But then again, it IS a freakin' phone booth." The president pushed a panel and we skyrocketed downward. I was thrown to the wall as we whooshed underground at incredible speeds. My stomach lurched for the floor as we randomly sped upward and stopped. I collapsed to the floor trying to catch my breath. Laney kneeled down next to me and helped me to my feet. The President continued to chuckled.

I shook my head trying to get rid of the stars and we exited into a narrow space in front of a single door.

"Here we are." She opened the door and we walked inside.

It was amazing. I forgot about everything just for a second as I marveled at the luxuriousness in front of me. There was green furniture placed around the room in front of a very large plasma TV. Speakers littered the room in what could only be a movie theater-style surround sound system.

"This is where you'll be staying, Tobias."


"The sauna is over there to the left, the pool just beyond that, the gym is to your right and the kitchen is through that door." I gaped in utter silence.

"OK young lady, we'll show you where you're staying. We'll let your friend settle in." I snapped back into reality as I felt it was better to keep Laney within eyesight at all times. I looked at her as she was ushered out the door and she mouthed 'I'll be OK'. The door shut and I sighed. I walked over to the window to get a view and stared down upon the city extending far into the horizon............
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