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Some poetry about America's presidential race - perhaps Romney can win.
Like many of the doomsayers who expect to cloud our judgment
With attempts to distort reality for personal political gain,
Scrooges like myself appear to make for purposeful, lively entertainment. 

Egotists so lodged in positions of authority
Attempt to alert extremists about right versus wrong
In a disparate ideation so vacuous and unreal
That success is completely unattainable. 

What there is to condone,
Besides facing the gloom
Which is so fiercely being avowed,
Is to embark on a well-planned and tireless journey
Toward inexplicable, yet governing truths;
An homage to moderate, non-extremist values,
Intricate, modern science,
And thoroughly classless ideology;
Where our strength, liberty, and political involvement
Help us to co-exist amid intolerance and hatred,
And affords the greatest control
Over our economically failed, politically rooted,
And eagerly industrious, bi-partisan leaders. 

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