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by pixie
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Poem: Walking alone on the road so dark. . .
Walking alone on the road so dark,

Hearing the whoosh of wind,

I walk alone, with my head bent down,

What life has done to me!

At nights I walk this road alone,

Where once you walked with me,

My heart contains a mountain of pain,

But still your love exists,

That night I held you in my arms,

Who knew it was the last,

Then came the morning of Autumn, when,

You didn't arise from sleep,

My world was shattered, but I couldn't cry,

Our daughter was depending on me,

I had to pretend, pretend to be strong,

I am still pretending to the world,

Now here I am, to ease my pain,

To let the tears fall,

I feel I'd die of loneliness, one day,

Why did you leave so fast?

At days I hide my pain from the world,

But the nights know it all,

Because escaping the nights is not so easy,

It's the time for memories and tears to fall,

Before I met you, I was alone,

You made my life complete,

But, I can't escape the nights anymore,

Come back to save me now.
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