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by luxuz
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The Road To Perfection!!! Birth is the beginning of the journey and Death is the End.
Days and Nights have passed by. Life is mysterious and creepy, We always live  our lives the best way we can, we always come and go but we've still not have no solutions to our life problems. We keep on going through the same problem from generation to generation and there is still no way out. We don't know where we come from and where we are going, all we know about us is birth and death. All we do is to wake up and work under the sun through out the day and sleep at night , and when we are a free time , we just sit down and think about how to survive. Why are we suffering like this? What is it that we are doing wrong? Why can't we have everything? Why are we poor? Life is unpredictable, miscalculate and mysterious. When our plans fails , when our future changes , and when you start getting a whole a lot of problems, then you start to hate.We always need money to survive whiles all we need have to be free, and this note money destroys everything especially lives.We are like prisoners on this planets and we only way out is by death, People die without knowing who they are and why they live..We always cry for freedom whiles the only freedom we can have is through Death. Why don't we just kill ourselves and have that freedom? if it is the only way to be free? When problems overload on you, you will lose control and will like to lose it but it is not that easy because there is nothing easy on Earth. Time wait for no man and it will never stop as long as you are alive, there is nothing you can from the pass unless the present and the future.There is more to do after death but who know what will happen after that? Life is full of unanswerable questions and the only way to answer them is YOU!! Every questions you ask , you already know the answer.. Even how you came into being and where you will be going.. that is why i am saying life is mysterious!!!
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