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An explanation of morality..

      I surf the net a lot. And there is a debate going on over our favorite
  pussy cat Lady Ga Ga amongst philosophers such as Dr. William Lane Graig:

              "Lady Ga Ga is flaunting a heard mentality of sexual promiscuity
              and rape."

  Duchess Stephanie Zu Guttenberg, wife of German Defense Minister
  Karl-Theodor Zu Guttenberg and great-great granddaughter of Germany's Chancellor
  Otto Von Bismark:

              "When I see nine year old girls are watching Lady Ga Ga with her
              black leather corset, suspenders and naked bottom cheeks,
              then I am really worried about the moral role model these children
              are growing up with."

    Here's my two cents. Back in my puberty I liked to watch Linda Carter
    in her Television persona Wonder Woman. I wrote to her and dressed up
    like Wonder Woman. I did not rape or cause mayhem.
    Think about all the impressionable kids watching a 20 year old beauty queen
    running around the streets of L.A. in tights.
    There is a separation between fantasy and reality.
    This is where the parents need to give their advise to their kids.

          I think the Duchess and the Doctor are out of touch with pop culture.
          It is just entertainment.

    I would love to see Lady Ga Ga in a Bond movie.
    She is a 007 Bond girl.
    Is James Bond promoting a heard mentality of sexual promiscuity?
    It's just entertainment.

          Stop picking on our pussy cat.
          Lady Ga Ga is a good girl....

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