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The worst thing I have ever read and written. No joy in this piece :(
If I could turn back time I would try and make you mine,
but time flies away and I waste another day,
your always on my mind but times left me behind,
your thought is all I have and I feel I need you bad.

If I could make you mine I'd have to turn back time,
I'd waste another day as time flies away,
but times left me behind now your always on my mind,
I need you so bad but your thought is all I have.

Time is a destroyer of dreams,
when your dreams have no means,
with no means to dream when your heart is ripped from its seems,
it seem your all I need for my dreams to feed.

Feed my dream with your being in my broken reality,
an stitch the fabric of my heart and we shall never be apart,
kill the loneliness that's killing me with the truth of you and me.

although we can never be,
now you have made it clear to me,
the start and the end of a dream I conceived
which signalled my time in which I grieved.

Time has left me in a state of a lonely man,
my thoughts to take,
a shadow of myself I am but gone,
the haunting in my heart but one
can take the pain away but time has been the end of me.

until the day you are apart of me,
I will see the world grey,
I hope for a day where we will be.
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