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by brom21
Rated: E · Other · Other · #1836078
Two archaeologists discover a long lost wonder.
At last Dr. John Ferd and his associate Dr. William West, had discovered the ancient subterranean ruins of the City of Ancient Light. It was a place so strange and old. According to an historical stone tablet that took years for them to translate, they had discovered its location. It had been undisturbed and forgotten for over six-thousand years. A legend gathered from the very few additional historical records of the city, mentioned a source of light that illuminated the underground ruins like a white sun. The records stated that at one point it was taken and sealed within the ruins. Oddly enough, it did not say why.

Dr. Ferd turned his bright flash light down at the forgotten city from a cave cliff side above it. "Amazing! Everything is so well preserved," Dr. Ferd said.

The whole city was constructed like the large cavern it was in. Spires of grey stone shot hundreds of feet high like the surrounding stalagmites. The inner passages were tubular like the workings of the cave system that surrounded it. Some of the spires resembled what looked like the ancient Tower of Babel with spiraling stair cases. The bases of the outer wall had turned into limestone that glistened in the artificial light they carried. They noticed a flat rectangular surface the size of a football field.

"That surface area must have been an agricultural field,"remarked Dr. West. "Those elongated stone protrusions must have been aqueducts. Lets repel down so we can get a glimpse of the ruin's interior," said Dr. West to his colleague.

Immediately they drove a metal stake into the cave surface, fastened a rope to it, and decsended inside the walls.

"These writings are even older than the tablets. I wonder if there is something that will indicate where the light source was sealed,"said Dr. Ferd.

"I think I just found it!"exclaimed Dr. West. Both of them examined a stone engraving that depicted an object in the shape of a gem with sunburst lines streaming out of it. Inside was more writing. Dr. West worked excitedly. He was biting his lower lip and sweating profusely. Breathing heavily, he compared the stone engraving with a printout of some of the tablet's contents. His eyes darted back and forth rapidly while he spoke to himself with each translated symbol. Dr. Ferd left his colleague and deciphered more of the ancient text. As he translated, Dr. Ferd saw a phrase that caught his curiosity-and it was taken from the wicked one and sealed for all time-it read.

"I've finished. Its kind of vague though. It says that it was hidden in the dragons eye,"said Dr. West

Dr. Ferd responded. "Could it be a statue or something?"

"I don't know,"said Dr. West. "I suggest we start exploring. Wherever this "dragon" is, it must be deeper within the city."

They walked up marble ground that had a decorative display of green and red swirls. On the sides of the two doctors were walls that followed the shape of the winding path. Then they came to a wide stair case without rails or sidings. It lead to a high stone platform. It was quite high and both of them were hesitant.

"I don't think we have anything to worry about. The staircase is almost four yards wide," said Dr. Ferd.

"After you," Dr. West insisted.

The men began the ascent. Their steps echoed throughout the ruins in the dead abyss of the cave. It took them fifteen minutes to get to the top. They walked under an archway that lead into a balcony with low walls encircling it. They sat down against the stone enclosure to rest. Both of them looked around saw nothing but the surrounding stone.

"Ah great, a dead end. All that way for nothing!"said Dr. West.

Dr. Ferd went to an edge of the balcony. Then he noticed a shape resembling something. Below him to the left was a peculiar spire all by itself surrounded by a wall with no entryways. After that he saw a courtyard that made the exact shape of a bat's wing. Finally he noticed the wavy pathway they just walked through. It was like serpents tail. Altogether, it formed a dragon's figure. "It's just like the Nazca plains!"he exclaimed. "Here, take a look."
Dr. West looked. His associate pointed out the object and both of them were ecstatic. "That individual spire must be the dragons eye, but its surrounded by a wall,"said Dr. West.

Then something occurred to Dr. Ferd. He noticed that in the center of their balcony was a brick that rose slightly off the ground. An arrow pointed to the left. Dr. Ferd turned it and the balcony shook as a bridge lowered out from beneath them to the walled spire. They came to the spire and saw more writing. What dies it say?" asked Dr. West. "You're quicker at decoding then me."

"Its related to something I read before. It says the source of light was taken possession by an evil wizard who took control of the gem. All the inhabitants used the power of their will and spirit to take it back. It was tainted with evil so the inhabitants had to seal it away even though it would mean their demise.

"It could still be contaminated. This has been our life's dream, but maybe we should let dogs lay," said Dr. Ferd.

"How could you say that! This could be the biggest step in archaeological and scientific history!"

"I just have this ominous feeling. Come on lets go."

Dr. West however saw handle and pulled it and beams of light seeped out of a small opening. The light was not pleasant and he quickly shut it and turned to his colleague in fear and confusion. "Evil. Such evil! You were right Dr. Ferd. Let's leave right now." Their quest had ended and they vowed to never to speak of it again.

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