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by brom21
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Two teenage finds discover a doorway to another realm while exploring a forest.
Up on a rural mountain side town, in twelve year old Dexter's home, he and his friend Josh were quietly working on a math assignment. They worked hastily, anxious to explore the woods on the outskirts of their small community.

"Mom, we're almost done." Dexter said.

"Okay, six cubed equals..two-hundred-sixteen! Alright done!"

"Mom we're finished. Can we go outside?"Dexter asked his mom.

"Sure, but be home in time for dinner,"she said.

The two friends darted out of the house. They crossed over the edge of the street where the large forest started. They ran, through the trees that grew thicker as they went deeper into the woods. Dexter and Josh admired the scenery. The two were almost completely in shade except for a few patches of sunlight that showed the outline of branches with pine needles as the the trees moved with wind. Dexter remembered he had to be home for supper.

"Well, its time to go back,"he said. Something caught their attention.

"What's that blue glow coming from?"said Dexter .

"Maybe its a U.F.O?" Josh exclaimed.

"We should go back. It's getting late. My mom might get worried."Dexter said.

"Come on man, don't you want to see where the light is coming from?"

"Of course I am, but we can check it out later tomorrow.

"Fine you go home. She's your mom. I know you're just chicken. Scuttle home little boy,"said Josh

"Stop that! I'm not chicken. This is so like you. Your curiosity is going to kill you one day." Dexter looked at the ground and put his hand on his forehead and then rubbed his eyes. "Here's the deal. We can explore for fifteen more minutes. If we don't get to whatever it is that's up there,we leave."

"Deal!"said Josh.

. "Cool!"said Josh as they approached the light.

"Yeah right "cool.' If whatever we find doesn't kill.

Then after passing through a few trees they stepped into a grove and beheld the source of the light .

"Its like a door in a tree...but its glowing," said Dexter.

"Even though its at the bottom, I don't think it leads into the tree itself.

"Maybe it leads into a another dimension!" Josh said.

Dexter was scared but part of him was curious. He sensed a strange peace and joy coming from the blue light. It was just the idea of a glowing door that scared him. He walked closer and the nostalgic feeling grew. He felt like it was calling it him."Josh I think that who or what is in there, is calling to us."

Josh was surprised. "I thought I was the bold one. You sound like you want to go in. I knew you had it in you! We'll go in together," Josh said.

Without a further word Josh grasped a door handle and they entered. Josh and Dexter were in awe at what they saw. It was like they were in outer space, and above them were shining beings that flew and hovered in the area above them. Magnificent, bellowing clouds flashed like white glistening nebulae. They stood on a platform of gold with depictions of strange but beautiful creatures. As Dexter looked at the ground, he saw blue griffins drawn with perfect form. Also shown on the ground was an enormous purple dragon with green emeralds for eyes. Both of them also saw that reminded them of angels with wings of a stork. The platform itself was circular as it hung in mid space.

"Where are we?" Dexter asked.

"Maybe we should try talking to those shining men. Hey, you up there! Where are we?"said Josh.

"We don't know what we're dealing with here," said Dexter.

Then one of the beings that shined like a white sun with blue eyes like lightening descended. The two friends backed away covered their eyes. Then the brightness receded from the being, that turned to look like a normal male human. "Don't worry you're safe,"said the being.

His voice was peaceful and it relaxed the two strangers, who looked at the man's face. It was child like and pleasant. This place is called Paradise. It is the middle realm between Heaven and Earth. I'm Trophimus. You've been specially chosen to experience its wonders. Follow me." As soon as he spoke, a silver walkway appeared behind Trophimus. They followed him up the ramp to a palace of pure silver. Immense columns went around the perimeter of the rectangle structure. Above them were myriads of floating flames. "Those flames you see represent all the human souls that have come to rest here. They sleep here while they wait to be summoned to heaven," said Trophimus. We are the guardians of Paradise. We see to it that no harm comes to them. Just as there are good beings such as I, there are evil ones as well that seek the total destruction of Paradise.

"Can we talk to the souls?"asked Josh.

"No. It is forbidden for mortals to contact the deceased , even in Paradise."

"Before you leave Dexter, I will show you one last thing." Trophimus waved his hand and a stairway that went upwards until it disappeared in to a burning white cloud. IN front of it were urns with incense. "Each of these urns represents all the righteous people of Earth. When the incense stops it turns into a flame. "Time to leave Dexter,"the being said. "Don't you man Josh too?"

"No, his time on Earth is done. His urn is almost empty,"

Dexter found himself not in loss or anguish but a joy and happiness for him. "I'll see you in heaven, Dexter,"said Josh. In a flash of light he was in front of the tree that no longer had a door. No time had passed on Earth and there was just enough light Dexter to find his way home.

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