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When people ask me,"What are you?", I just tell them this...

When people ask me what ethnicity I am, my answer surprises them. I am my own United Nations conference.
I'm Irish, Russian-Jewish, Native American,German, Italian. I jokingly call myself a MickeyMousekawitzaPocahontaSchnitzelWop.
Personally, I am tired of people having an obsession with their race and pulling the race card to get freebies and attention.

I don't care if folks call me "Crisco", "Frosty", "Avalanche", etc. I am Kim Marie Manhart Freeman. I am a woman, I am a human. I am a wife,mother and grandmother, daughter, sister,and friend. I know who am. I am one of kind made by the hand of God. There is none like me. I need no labels. I am me. My Native American tribal name would probably be one of the following- "GotJunkinhertrunk", "All Mouth, No Ears", "Runs From Bugs", "Cries on A Scale", or "Daughter of the Nocturnal Winds" or "Thunderthighs". But I don't want a tribal name. For one thing, I'm already ethnically complicated enough, Second,  I know who I am inside and that is what it's all about.

by Kimarie Manhart-Freeman
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