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this is an essay i wrote in the 8th grade. around thanksgiving and wrote on thankfullness
I never realized what I was truthfully thankful for until one day I chose to cross a street. Upon leaving my house my mother was bickering about things around the house, all though I could of taking action to care what was truly wrong I did not. That day I went to go hang out with Tim and Robert. Tim and I went to cross the street on our bikes, while we were in the middle of the street a semi-truck began to advance forward towards us. Our bike pedals struck as the semi-truck was gaining closer we finally get out the way, but the semi-truck close enough to taste no even feel. The first thing to flash through my mind was my mother. That was the day I realized what I was thankful for not only my mom, but also clouds, God, and music.
Clouds maybe a strange idea to be thankful for, but to me they have a strong inspiration behind them. Some days I can find my self angry enough to lash out on anyone. To me walking and looking at the clouds can relief that kind of stress off me. Clouds are a Zen moment clearing my mind of those dangerous thoughts making me capable of hurting others. Ray by nature is not an angry type of person so when I do get that way clouds, the look, the shape, the flow of how they go through the sky bring back me. There are not only clouds to be thankful for, but also God.
God is something I believe in as an invisible protector watching over me. There are some days were I can be down in the dumps thinking that not anyone cares. If anyone did not care in the entire world I know God would. If he was not real at least it is a nice image in my head for someone to talk to. God is person that not only cares of what I think, but also helps in danger. When near danger God can bring out of it or use his power to keep me away. I also think God put music in life something else I am help for.
Music is also too what I am thankful for not only for ‘music’ it self but too also for the type of songs. Music in songs acts as a trigger of happiness. Some songs create happy thoughts and images in my mind. Most images can be me dancing in a field of flowers or even me acting the song out and having fun. Images and action like these come only to my favorite songs or groups. Music groups as Weezer and Blink 182 are the type of songs I perform to. Therefore, music being my uplift of happiness in the times I am feeling down.
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