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Short story for the song "Jesus take the wheel"
I remember the crash as if it was yesterday.

All the ambulances, the fire trucks, and all of the lights that screamed “something terrible must of happen.”

I remember my mother speeding through that icy road without realizing it will end up taking my life away. "Mom slow down!; Look at the road!; Everything will be alright. The problems you have with dad will be fixed!; Mom slow down you're scaring me!" but my mouth would not open, after all i was just a baby boy.

In a blink of an eye my mother and I were rolling down a mountain, her fearful tears dropped to the car's carpet. I open my eyes to let my mother know everything was fine, but she kept weeping and screaming to God "Why Lord!? Why!?"

I turned around to see what was happening just to acknowledge the fact that I was dead. My spirit filled up with fear of what was to come.

Then a beam of light as bright as the sun hits my face fading my fear away. A sun-like figure brings warmth and peace to my troubled heart.

That's when it hit me, that's when I knew who this sun figure was.

"God is that you?, Am I in heave?!" I asked my creator. I had to be in the heaven after the car accident I had down on Earth.

Everything is beautiful here, there is highways made of gold, seas made of crystal, and no more pain or fear. If only my mother was here she would love it just as much as I do.

My mothers memory rushed a sudden sadness through my spirit, and that's when i felt His piercing eyes on my back. I turned around to see Him, but once again all I see is the splendor of the sun though it wasn't the sun, it was God.

I asked God for one favor "Jesus, can i let my mother know I'm fine and that I'll miss her just as she'll miss me?" He turned and said to me "Of course son" then smiled at me with a smile that portrayed pure love towards me, towards my mother.

I decided to write a letter to my mother and send it down to Earth to let her know everything is ok. It writes:

Dear Mom,

After the crash an angel came for me, don't worry I'm here with our father now. Yes mom, God.

Everything is beautiful up here. The first time I saw God I confused Him with the sun, silly me, but you should see Him mom He is everything you imagine.

I'm in good hands now mom, remember I love you, and you'll always be my mother. I will see you here someday, be good ok? When you start to miss me look at the sun, because when ill be missing you ill look at God and His warmth and peace will bring me back to my mother's face. I love you mom, don't forget it.

Sincerely, your Son
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