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New Year's and resolutions, contemplation
December 31st comes every year and every year it grabs a hold of us and makes us think.  We contemplate the previous year.  We look at accomplishments, changes in family, career and in our personal life.  Have we met our goals?  What happen that stopped reaching some goals or resolutions.
We all seem to be captured by the day, no matter how much we try to avoid it.

It’s like those few moments in our lives we take pause.  Evaluate where we are at.  I find this year, when I take that pause I see a year of joy, growth, sadness, frustration, loss and gain and the failed resolution to lose weight.  This moment of pause and contemplation can go different ways.

Let me grab your attention for a moment.  I have had a year where my job of 15 years is at risk and still is, My son lost his job and his wife and children are at risk, My husband was laid off from his job, my best friend has issues that keep her at a distance, the economy does not help in the struggle to get ahead, my business is facing a blow, I gained weight rather then lost this year.  Oh what am I to do, there is so much out of my control.  This moment is choking me and taking the light from the day.  This moment of contemplation just keeps dragging on.  Some stops by and says hello, and has a smile that catches my heart.  STOP! Think!  Why am I whining?  Let me gather my thoughts before this moment slips away.

I did still have a job for another 3 months, deal with any issues later.  My grandchildren are all a year older, and love me dearly.  My husband’s heart is as big as anyone can imagine and he loves me.  My children are finally growing up and figuring out their lives.  I am proud of them.  This year we were able to reach out to others in need this Christmas season in spite of the economy.  I spent so much time worrying about my friends distance; I never reached out and pushed the issued, time to change.  The deal with my weight… I am still alive and still able to tackle the issue.  So what’s the problem?

Our moments of reflection can impact on how we see life, I am taking that smile and changing my attitude.  I am reflecting on the year in a new light and taking that to the New Year.

What’s your moment going to be?  What direction will it go?

To all that read this; A Blessed and Happy New Year! 
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1836676-A-moment-of-Contemplation