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A poem about my loyalty to friends, even if we're apart or I'm forgotten entirely.
Do you remember
the books we read,
the fun we had,
the things we said?

Do you remember
the walks we shared,
the laughs, the love,
the way way we cared?

The way you'd walk
me off the road?
The way we played
when it snowed?

The way you were always
cheery and bright?
Those silly phone calls
day or night?

Rest assured,
these times will be
always an important
part of me.

This is just
my question, though:
Without me where do
those memories go?

Lost in the wind,
do they float away,
wishing to find
their way back, someday?

Or do you completely
block me out
like the bad tastes
of saeurkraut?

I miss you a lot,
I really do.
But I want to know:
Do you miss me to?

It doesn't really
matter though
(whether you say
yes or no).

Because I don't care
what you do.
Even if I'm forgotten,
I'll never forget you.
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