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This is a story about love,Thats all,love is enough wide!.
Dont have u ever wish have someone that love you!Im not talking about family or friends,im talking about another kind of love,that kind of love that leave us breathless and sighting++I do!!!I see myself as a kid,a weird kid xoxoxox,but,that has never stop me to think about love and its greatness,and to understand love in a more mature way,no as what teenager usually thinks,like write letters and say things as _he is my baby I love him so much_hmm no no,for me love is so much more than that.For me love is being together with someone in absolute silence during hours and never stop feeling that sentiment of serentiy,is watch in each other eyes and found something that shines more than stars,is walk together hoding hands to every site without care about the look of th other,is be together in bad and good times,is sacrifice,compassion,tenderness,calm,is everything that someone can ever wish.!!!

I.ve like boys,ah like 3 boys before ,but kinda like,but never this„,

This just came out of the blue,idk how!!)))but this it feels like love,idk if it is,but im pretty sure it is,ah is confussing though,!this my story ,the story of my life and how i met my future husband ((sniggering)))I hope so,this story is not finished,more precisely,it hasnt even started
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