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Everything you wanted to know, but can't ask.
      I've watched "Inherit the Wind."

      So, I'm gonna answer some questions about Darwin"s Theory of the Origin
      of the Species. Firstly, Adam lived 800 years. According to the Bible, he had
      many children. That's where Cain's wife came from. She was his sister.
      So, where in the evolution of the hominid line did this happen?
      The human species appears in fossil records approximately 200,000 years
      ago. That is a short time compared to the reign of dinosaurs, which spanned
      165 million years.

      Okay, the Bible says the first day had no Sun. The Sun was created on the
      second day. So, how long was the first day? A 24 hour day requires a day light
      measurement. The Hebrew word used for day is the same word used to describe
      the first day. It was, therefore, a 24 hour day without a Sun. This cannot be
      supported by today's astronomy. However, if there is a God, who created the
      Sun on the second day, then astronomy is moot.

      If the Dinosaurs walked the Earth before Adam, then why doesn't
      Genesis mention them? Perhaps, it does. Genesis writes that the animals
      were created before Adam. These "animals" could have been Dinosaurs.
      Genesis writes about and upright walking serpent. Could this be a Dinosaur?
      Let us remember it took only 200,000 years for humans to evolve.
      Dinosaurs lived for 165 million years. That's plenty of time to evolve an
      upright sentient lizard race.

      What does this have to do with teaching creationism in public schools?
      If atheism can be taught in public schools, then why not theistic evolution?
      Perhaps, the world is a living creature and endowed with special creations
      by God. Can we honestly say that God does not exist? How, then, does
      something come from nothing or life from nonliving material? Is it all given
      to chance?

      I am not a religious person, nor am I certain there is no God.
      But, what if a lizard race did evolve to sentience? I think a simple tribe
      of shepherds would think them to be Devils. Maybe, there is some
      truth in Genesis.

      2012 maybe the final chapter in this mystery. The Lizard Men will make
      themselves known with their flying saucer armada. Do we not have thousands
      of documented UFO abductions? What genius to conceal themselves in
      mythology and slowly unite the world under their reptilian rule!

      Scoff if you like, but the truth will come out!


                                Keep your eye on the Moon!
                                It is a strategic orbiting military base.
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