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We should never try to explain the explanation.
      I'm sure your a rational man Mr. Jillette. In science there is the unknown.
  Sometimes this unknown is represented by the letter X in algebraic formulas.
  There are equation which demand an unknown factor. Such is the God
  factor. Everything about the universe is caused by some event. The universe
  demands an uncaused origin. This origin is the unknown factor.
  Although, this origin can be called God. Who this God is not definable in
  natural law.

    It amuses me that atheist are so stubborn on this causation issue.
  It doesn't bother me. I like to imagine things that are supernatural.
  I am obsessed with transcendental truths. For example, what is good?
  Well, nature demands the survival of the fittest. But, I like to goof off.
  There is a happy medium in between these two states of being.
  The fact that we care about doing good is profoundly contradictory to
  our selfish natural nature. The good in us is, therefore, transcending natural
  law. It is the unknown factor.

    Here is one example of my day dreaming. I see a baby carriage rolling
  into traffic. There is a baby in it. The traffic is fierce. Do I attempt to stop the
  carriage befor being hit by the traffic? Well, it's not my baby. I should naturally
  not care if someone else's baby is splattered. That's not my gene pool.
  But, I care about the baby anyway and drive my bus load of senior citizens
  into the oncoming traffic, shielding the babe from harm. After all the youth
  must come before the aged.

    Another example of altruism; I see a sniper trained on a magician performing
  to a stadium of onlookers. Do I enjoy my peanuts and beer and wait for the
  head shot? No! I leap on the stage and kick the magician in the balls, forcing
  him face first into the stage while dodging the hail of bullets from above.
  Yes, Pen, I would bust your balls to save your life.(+) I am a good Samaritan.

  These altruistic ideals do not come from the bloody jungle. They are transcendent
  good deeds from God. Or as I like to say, "My sky Daddy."
  As far as politics is concerned, it's just a lot of smoke and mirrors. Government
  is corrupt and people can be bought. That's monkey business baby!
  Religion is politics for fanatics. Just follow the money and you'll see who is
  pulling the strings. It aint Jesus!

  Does that clear things up?

  Yes sir easy!

  Bob County...
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