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i wrote this at 12 o' clock new years night after attending a life changing sermon.
So dirty,
so filthy,
my sin clings to me like a motherless child.

So hateful,
so lustful,
i deserve nothing less, than to burn in hells fiery depths.

But he came-
and shed his blood for me.
he came-
and let them pierce his flesh for me,
let himself cry tears of blood for me,
let them torture,
and batter him for ME-
for YOU!

So worthless,
so arrogant,
so stupid are we!
to let ourselves pass up his offer,
his gift,
his love.

With scars on his wrists,
he embraces us.
with thorns in his skull,
he cries for us,
with his body torn, ragged, and bloody,
he kisses you and me.

Without blame or condemnation,
he accepts us,
claims us as his children.
we can offer him nothing in return,
the best we have to offer is equivalent to bloody tampons and rags.

But i bow my head,
and fall into his open arms.
putting my pains, my fears, my hurts, my sins upon his strong shoulders to carry.

My Lord God,
my Savior,
i love you and worship you.
just as i am you accept me,
just as i am you love me.
thank you lord Jesus,
my rock, my fortress, my shield-
thank you.
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