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Just another idea I'm playing with when nothing else is talking to me.
         “What a ya found Celia?”

         “Naught but a bauble Kladaugh, but I never seen naughtin lak it befoor,” Celia said.  She splashed her delicate hand into the rushing streambed.

         “Well, lets ave a look see.”

         “Oh Kladaugh, it’s soo beautiful, I don’t know what it is.”

         Celia splashed her way back to the bank, her fingers closed lightly on the object so as not to lose it.  Gently she sat in the grass, not even caring about her skirts.

         “Come on then, open up ya fingas.”  Kladaugh was almost beside himself with curiosity.

         Slowly she uncurled her long fingers, holding her hand where her brother could get a better look.

         “It looks lak some soort o broche or soomthing.  It is quite odd Celia.  How did you ever spot it so far in the middle of the stream?”

         “Ah doont know, it’s as if it called to me it did.”

         “Maybe ya should put it back?”

         “No Kladaugh!  You’re just jealouse acause you daint find it first.  Ahm kaipin it fa meself.  It’ll look just lovely with my hair.”

         “Ah doont know Celia.  Somtin doont feel to right wid it.”

         “Oh shush Kladaugh, you been listnin to too many bards songs.  There tis no magic left in these hills.”  With that Celia thrust the bauble deep inside her pocket.  “Come along now, Ma’ll be getting all steamy if we doont make it in in time for da milkin.”  Celia jumped to her feet and playfully pushed her brother off balance, causing him to roll into the stream.  Giggling they head off towards their farmstead, taking turns chasing one another.

         “Coom on children tha stew woont keep till morn!”

         “Coming Mum, just warshing up a bit,” Celia called back from the wellhouse.  “Hurry up Kladaugh, she’ll jus know we were oot gallivanting instead of doing oor chores.  I doont ave any more mud on me dress do I?”

         “Na Celia yoor right pretty as always.  Whad ya do wid that bauble ye found in the stream?” Kladaugh whispered.

         “Tis noon ya business brother, I tol ye I wa keepin it all te meself didn’t I?”

         “Come on then Sis, before Ma has soom sort o fit or somtin.”

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1837720