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How to achieve good health and mental solace evenly
The past memories and emotional setbacks can caise black shadows on the pleasures of present day life.More often than not everyone connects to  the sad  and unpleasant memories of the past Then follows the realisation that how wasteful exercise it was.One must try to forget the memories of bitter and painful experiences of the past life.It is better to learn from the past experiences and and look ahead to the future.

One should resolve to keep positive approach in life and work  with energy,zeal and compassion while interacting with the fello guys.If anybody makes best possible efforts in all sincerity,the person is blessed with with emotional fulfllment whatever be the outcome of such efforts

One should resolve to share the happiness and sorrows of the fello guys and co-workers and resolve to sympathise with their personal pain and sadness.

Negative thoughts should never be allowed to reach the inner consciousness of mind.The energy should be used as means to create works of art and humanity

Positive thinking is very important for good health as well as mental solace.

It is important to enjoy present life in all its totality and one must strive for fulfilment in everyday life as if there is going to be no tomorrow.

Ten minutes silence a day allows a person to ponder about what a person is doing and what is ought to be done in the prevailing circumstances.In silence one can refkect honestly about the various activities happening in life and around the social surroundings.This kind of evaluation may promote various carrer options.

Its very satisfying to work hard to achieve the excellence in life but it is also important to sustain  energy level of the body and soul using various methods of meditation.By using meditation,any person can instill fresh lease in life.The person realises that the problems are all behind and and soon road back to normalcy will be free. 
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