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This is a challenge, a challenge to anyone and everyone willing.

Relax, I'm not talking about commitment, love, and marriage here.

You develop hundreds, thousands, and depending on your public exposure, even millions, of relationships every year. You're just too naive to realize it.

Unfortunately, our id drives us to attain instant gratification from our fellow homo sapiens, regardless of any and all consequences or outcomes. Although, we do have our highly-developed ego to assist us in our decision making process, each and every persons judgment is very different, based on their moral and somatic upbringing, and life experience since.

Expanding on that notion, perception is key. Acceptance that everyone’s perception is very different, and that there literally is not two people exactly alike in a mindset. Our id, ego, and super-ego, are the principal reason why each and every person is unique.

Yet, every where I look, I see people utilizing their own developed ego in an unconsciously cynical way with others. The want for instant gratification, or just blatant disregard for an others conscience, is insanely prominent in a large majority of society. This disgusts me, because it is a massive weakness present in our population, and yet is so easily malleable in oneself.

Even more unknown is the effect on your short-lived relationship with the person you just gave the "stink-eye" to, because you're having a bad day. Unconsciously, you just knocked their mood down three rungs on the ladder, and in turn, they take that fresh pessimism and pass it on, just as you did. Ripple effect, yes, but to what extreme?

A close friend of mine and myself got into a very interesting and informative discussion last night about this very topic, and traced a lot of what is amiss in the world back to this very basic and bestial instinct that seems to be beyond the grasp of the general population. Optimism, a smile, logic even!

So here I present a challenge, which in turn, will be the cure. I'm sure you have heard of the term 'Pay It Forward', my challenge parallels this theory. I entice you to hitch a smile on your face all day, a genuine one, one that makes your eyes crinkle at the corners and your whole face shine, and beam that beauty at everyone you see. Next day? Take it a step forward, use your voice to put a smile on others faces, as many as you can in a day. Every day, find an additional way to spread smiles and optimism. Your entire life, personal, professional, and the random stops between, will massively improve, and the effect is almost instantaneous. Not to mention the effect on every little interpersonal relationship that you are exposed to, whether is be the cashier at the gas station, or your significant other.

I am dead serious when I reference this as the cure, cure to our social interactions, cure to our economy, cure to maintaining our individuality, yet unifying under a constantly forward-moving notion that everyone can identify with. When enough people submit to the fact that they are the way they are because of how they were raised and their experiences, and that there is the good, the bad, and the ugly in that development, accept that and address their strengths and weaknesses, we can start to move forward as a whole.

Break apart from the mainstream, start now and remove yourself from this state of denial, and element of distraction provided to shorten your attention spans and offset where your priorities should lie. Our instincts are basic, as are our needs, but in the society we've grown up in, our capacity to address our basic mental and physical needs is muted.

The solution is so simple, therefore massively overlooked. How could each and every person in the entire world possess the power to make a massive change? Because it's natural, and it's how it was meant to be. Grab the reins of your brain, starting raining smiles on those around you, and reign in your own world faster than you ever thought possible.

By no means do I expect this to change the money-grubbing corporate world, power hungry politicians, and all the other selfish people out there, but yet, bringing it back to topic, what do we care about that negative-nancy who sold out his business partner for an extra buck? He will always be unhappy with who he is, no amount of money can give him a heart and soul, and no person is going to give him a genuine smile when they can see he's used and abused those around him. Optimism will rule, it'll make you richer and happier then any denomination of money, and is a great way to become content with your own life, therefore opening doors to address other issues, such as that promotion you wanted, or that hobby you never got around to. Good luck, and.... SMILE!!

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