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by luxuz
Rated: E · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #1838010
He saw the Chair with horrible symbols on it and all of this happened in the underworld.
A journey to a dark horrible place with fire flames, I was riding in the air , it seems like standing on a little cloud. On the way, the walls on my left and right were like a mirror just like a television showing a heavy storm, the only thing you see on both sides is just the mirror, it was just like riding in the sky. As I ride, we got to a place and as we drew closer, I saw a chair; a pure heavy metallic silver chair with the top edge pointed like a triangle, and the backside of the chair was designed with human bones, every single wood stand of the chair was designed with a bone, there was an ugly god with bubble cheeks , a big ear, nose, eyes  and a very big ear ring. Apart from the silver edge , the bones were all red just like blood. The chair was placed on a platform like that of the king, On both side were status that looks like a round rock with five snakes sitting on it , twisted together and holding a silver with fire. At the back of the chair, there was a small wall and behind the wall is a heavy fire flames. No one was there and the place was as quiet as the cemetary… It seems so strange to me!!!

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