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by luxuz
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Were aliens, predators and others ones on Earth? Don't believe they were, lets read !!!
  In the year 2015, the world started to turn back and everything new and advanced started to turn back to be old and odd . Technology was running out and machines were no more, our life style was changed as well as our dressing too, our cultures was totally changed at a fast pace. The Earth was rotating backwards and so was our mind and living. All the deadly animals started to come back to life and the trees and plants were also growing at a very fast pace in the Cities. The land expanded to be 40% and the sea only covered 40% and the rest were ice.

  Everything just changed within 7 days and everyone was surprised and people were thinking they were dreaming.  No news , no cameras, no TVs and everything modern just vanished within 7 days. New creatures were seen all around us and we felt like we are in danger but the animals were free and they did everything in their power to protect us from these new creatures. They also had their animals and they were horrible and scary and very wild too. This is when we came to realized that man is not the only human-liked creature on Earth but there are so many others too. Only human just as us(man) look so special at that time , man use to hurt them as animals so they all hide themselves in some special place on Earth. It is was a war between man and these creatures but they were defeated.

Now, In 2012, This creatures have decided that they have been hiding for too long so they have to also come out and enjoy creation just as man is enjoying. Their coming got human scared because they think the Earth belongs to humans only and they also think that human is the only creature that lives on Earth. They saw them to be a treat to our nation and we were thinking this creatures are coming from another planet but they have been living with us on Earth since the formation of the planet Earth.

  Sometimes, This creatures come out at night while we are sleeping and hide themselves just to enjoy the things on the surface and at dawn they just go back to their inhabitant. Some people sometimes see them and they think it is an evil creature sent to cause problems but that is not true.. It is all because we don’t know them and understand them and also don’t understand the kind of language they speak. We live in a mysterious world and earth seems to contain all the creatures in space and everywhere in this part of the universe. To be continued…
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