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Flash Fiction-300 word: Must include words: trash, shirt, dog
Word Count - 300

The Vicious Beast

Like every other boy in the world, Billy wanted a dog. At the breeder’s farm, he plopped to his knees in front of Mother and pushed his fingers through the pristine coat of the baby Malamute. Her tongue lolled out as she permitted the stroking and scratching. The scent of her fur filled Billy’s nostrils with musk barely masked with citrus.
Billy’s fingers pinched her neck, just a bit, and she didn’t flinch. “Good, very good,” thought Billy. The puppy’s snout dropped a bit and she let out a “hhrrhff” then gazed into Billy’s eyes.
“Heh… ummmmm,” intoned the breeder, “It looks like your tyke is taken with her.” He drew his shoulders in toward his chin. His twitching fingers pulled at the edges of his shirt.
Mother devoured the sight of the puppy with her son. “Larken, you just sold a puppy,” she said.
Billy looked through the breeder and said, “Her name will be Puppy.”
The breeder shivered and he slinked to his desk. Paperwork done, Billy rode home with arms about his newest friend.
Planting Puppy in the corner of the glistening kitchen, Billy began to carve newspaper into strips with his pocket knife.
“We need to train you to the house,” he said.
The knife was almost as long as his forearm when open. It soughed through the paper.
The sound made Puppy tilt her head and let out a soft “ouuooohh.”
He paused.
Retrieving a piece of gristle from the trash, he held it out to Puppy. She didn’t move.
Viper swift he smashed the meat into her snout.
With a “grrought” she tore a strip of flesh from him and backed away.
Billy’s body eased as he was enveloped with calm.
His eyes devoured his new friend as the knife soughed across her throat.
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