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by G.T.H
Rated: · Poetry · Holiday · #1838371
Holidays have a way of forcing you to reflect on all you did wrong that year
I open my eyes
to a darkened sky
and snow keeps falling down
no matter how much I curse it
and people keep walking
with their heads down
no matter how many hear me

You can't lose a memory
but maybe it would be better if u could
and nothing I ever do
will ever change what I should
and maybe somewhere
a different eye sees a different sky

Maybe somewhere
a memory has been lost

I try my hardest to stand up straight
but I can't help looking like a fool
people pass me
like I'm in a different world
and maybe I am
but I want to get back

I know that somewhere
your beautiful eyes see the same sky
does your heart ache to?
I've always been the bird
chained to the ground

you're free
why won't u fly?

Maybe I was wrong
maybe that's not what you wanted all along

Maybe I'm right
and I should fight this feeling
to run back home

For now,
I'll stay
indecision like the cold
freezing me where I stand.

I miss you Alice,
Love Aaron
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