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I don't understand.
                  "You don't know how much I love you.
                  Give me a kiss. Do not look at me with anger.
                  You utterly confuse me.
                  Ever since I saw you; you have been my only desire.
                  May your lips say yes.
                  You are my morning, day and night.
                  The stars sparkle in your eyes as bright as Venus."

    Lynn put down her quill. She had many chores, during the long
    humid day. But, she had to write her feelings down.
    The world had flipped and she needed this moment of solitude.
                    "Hey! I found some beer! There's cases of it in this liquor
                    store at Snake River's turn." Muzzy shouted to Lynn.

      She shrugged a big toothy smile. She was Canadian and smiled no
      matter how rude people could be. Had it come to this?
      A manufactured bird flue: accidentally released and most of the
      population dead. Except for a few lucky ones.Could Muzzy be the
      last man on Earth?

      Lynn tried not to think about it. She had felt this was somehow there
      destiny. "Hun? Do you have any potato chips?" Muzzy hallared.
      Lynn took a deep breath and brought Muzzy his chips and then opened
      a brewsky for herself. She sat down beside her mate on the well worn
      couch. "Say? Where's Sandra?" Muzzy asked craning his neck about
      in search of her. Lynn kissed Muzzy full on the mouth and gave a sharp

      Sandra walked slowly out of the hay in the back of the barn and crossed
      the muddy road to the front porch and grab a brewski.
      "God. To have my career end like this... with that." she looked down at
      Muzzy. He was trying to make a sandwich. Lynn made a big toothy smile
      at the one time Academy Award winner.

            "Did you get the hay done?" she made a buck tooth smile at
      Sandra. The starlet nodded yes and sipped her beer and belched.
      Lynn handed her poem to Sandra and winked. Sandra read it slowly and
      winked back and handed it to Muzzy. "It's for you." she smirked.
      Muzzy read it and tears swelled up, "Oh, jeeze. Let's have sex!"
      The three lost souls had a three way on the old moth eaten couch.
      Muzzy fell asleep as the two women continued their love making.

            "I love your poem." Sandra said as she munched on Lynn.
      "I love you more. We must keep Muzzy." Lynn smiled.
      Sandra made a silent laugh and continued to munch on Lynn.
      Muzzy snuggled on the couch and suckled on one of Lynn's breasts.
      Sandra was busy with Lynn's bottom half. Lynn arched her back and
      stretched her arms. She thought about all the years she had wasted
      on men. But, Muzzy was harmless and necessary for breeding.
      She rubbed his neck. He muttered, "Venus."

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