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by luxuz
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Man( General) always create bad things
  Why do Man create things that can brings destruction to us? Why do man build weapons? Why do we even go to war? Is it for power or authority? or it's just to show others that you are great.. Sometimes, we have to sit down and see all the good and bad things we have created and think about the good and bad it is doing for us... Is it going to help us, kill us, or destroy everything? That is why i am asking this Question WHY? 

  Are we going to take the negative part and create hell or take the positive part and create heaven or paradise for ourselves? Because we can choose, we all have a choice and the choice is in your own hands. One can start change the world but can't change the decisions of people, Each and every person have to change his or her own world and together the world will be changed automatically.

  Why  do wait sit down and wait for someone to tell you first? why do you always want someone to do it for you? how long will you be a slave to your own self? How long will you keep your mind empty? Evil always works with the empty mind whether you like it or not...

  What are we doing about it? Is all these things precious than Human lives? so why do we choose them instead of cherishing our lives? Some are saying it’ll be humans that set it off, We hate ourselves because we don't understand what life is really about and we don't know why we should have problems? We have good and bad, and without the good helping to change the bad, they will always remain the same. Negative can't change negative unless positive so why don't we do what is needed instead of what we desire?

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