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I think God is alien...

    1.      Okay, if your an atheist, then tell me which came first
            the chicken or the egg?

                        answer: Are you kidding? Chickens came from
            single cell organism. God did not do it .. It just happened by
            chance... the Chaos Theory.

    2.      Oh? So, if you found a watch you'd assume it happened to
            exist by chance? Watches need watchmakers.

                        answer: Yes. Watches are made by watchmakers
              and watchmakers are biological organism that evolved from
              simpler organisms. God is not necessary.

    3.      Your avoiding the question of where all life came from.

                      answer: Listen; this is very simple. Prove to me that
              anything exists outside of the material world. If God is not
              of the material world, then how can God exists in it?

    5.      Your being redundant. How can you say there is no God,
              when you can talk about God? Is this not an example of
              a supernatural intuit?

                      answer: Are you bat shit crazy? I can imagine anything;
              that doesn't make it real. People can believe in anything.
              You need evidence to prove your assertion.

      6.      I have the revealed word of God in my Bible. This Bible was
              written by great men, who died for what they believed in.

                      answer: How do you know the Bible is the revealed word of God?
                The Reverend Jim Jones convinced hundreds of his followers
                to drink poison. They all died for what they believed in.
                That only proves how gullible people can be.
      7.      Then, what is the purpose of life? Without God life has no

                      answer: Meaning comes from your interpretations of
                culture and art. God is a fantasy by this definition.

      8.      How can you be moral without a God?

                      answer: Obeying a mythological judge is not moral.
                How can you be certain God is moral?
                Morality is based on common law, which is written for
                social justice by the people for the people.

      PS This is just a opinion. It wont change anything in the world view.
            I like to ponder the sacred cows.

            I like zen poetry.

                                      "Because someone has named the
                                      Wave, do I distinguish it from water?

                                      Rising water is still water, falling back,
                                      it is water."

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