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Rated: ASR · Script/Play · Drama · #1838966
Completely different than draft one.
Scene 1
Lights up on a small apartment bedroom. The door to the rest of the apartment is situated upstage right. It opens into the room. Upstage left is a twin bed, made. On the bed is a brown paper grocery bag from which spills various grocery items. Between the bed and the door lies a bookcase, full of an eclectic mix of books. Downstage of the bed is a mini-fridge. Somewhere on this wall are closet doors. On the opposite wall is a desk, covered in papers and thick books, presumably textbooks. Further downstage of the desk is another door, this one leads to the bathroom. The room is mostly clean, a few clothes lay strewn about the room. The main clutter in the space is due to books. On the wall behind the bed is Da Vinci's sketch of Virgin and Child with the Infant John the Baptist and St. Anne. This is surrounded by other, smaller prints of Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights, William Bouguereau's The First Mourning, and Edvard Munch's Madonna.
Leigh enters from the bathroom door, downstage right. She throws her cellphone on top of the refrigerator. She quickly but distractedly moves to put away the groceries in the bag. Some are school supplies which belong on the desk and some are food which belongs in the fridge. Not all of the products will fit in the freezer. Leigh decides how to deal with the situation. Her cellphone alarm goes off, vibrating and ringing. She runs over and turns the alarm off, throws it back on the fridge and returns to the bathroom door, goes inside.
There are a few moments of silence. The light from offstage right brightens, as though another light was turned on. A sound of something falling to the ground and Leigh rushes back onstage to the paper bag on the bed. She grabs the bag and runs back into the bathroom down right. A few more moments. She enters again from the bathroom, rebuttoning her pants. She grabs her cellphone from the fridge and resets the three minute timer on her phone. She returns to the bathroom.
Leigh reenters and crosses to the fridge. She pulls out a pint of ice cream, and a spoon from her drawer. She opens and eats it. The cellphone alarm goes off inside the bathroom. She runs back in. The alarm stops. Leigh emits a cry. She starts crying. Leigh reemerges from the bathroom and moves dazedly to her purse. She digs around for a moment and finds cigarettes and a lighter. She exits the room.
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