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by Jennyj
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tacky little guys!!
New Prompt!

I’ve heard we have an infestation of bedbugs, roaming beds, sofas, and even books. The idea panics me – I really am not fond of most insects – although I do think ladybugs are cute.

You can write a piece in defense of their right to live (from their viewpoint,) the opposite side (ours), an attack and/or conflict with, or whatever your fertile imagination buzzes with . . .

But whatever you decide to write, today’s story or poem must be about:

(12 lines)

I love to buy great old used books
to fill my shelves with unread "friends;"
but when my latest brought a guest,
I knew my buying had to end!

I knew my buying had to end
when I found a pest in my book;
knew on my life they would descend
without taking a second look!

These bedbugs don't limit themselves
to beds or sheets or other stuff.
They aren't confined just to your shelves,
but are a plague and make life rough!

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