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This Piece is my theory of fear based on my and personal experiences.
    ""The Fear Factor"

      Sometimes when we are faced with various situations in life , we do not quite know how to handle them. We become so accustomed to the "familiar"  and when the"Unfamiliar" arrives we began to second guess it, run from it, sometimes stopping it before we give it a chance to start. Why is it that as humans we have a tendency to flee from what is good, and continue to gravitate towards what is not good for us. We continue on in situations that continue to drain us and deprive us of happiness yet when we discover another form of happiness or joy whether it be in our careers, our hobbies, or relationships we seem to take on a spirit of fear.

    Fear is like what cholesterol is the valves of the heart. It prevents the proper flowing of blood through out the heart and fear prevents the proper flow of spirit and happiness through our hearts, minds, body and soul. Time after time we continue to rob ourselves of  living a fulfilled and enchanted life because we do not want to put in the time and the energy into getting to learn new things, we do not want to become vulnerable to the "unknown"  because becoming vulnerable sets us up to be hurt, which also means opening up a part of ourselves that we like to keep hidden. It means revealing our pains from the past , our failures from the past, and also revealing the scars left behind from those in the past who claimed to have loved us and never cause us pain.

      It never ceases to amaze me how we as a people remain in careers that we dislike, how we become engaged in activities that we dislike, and how we continue to stay in relationships with not only spouses but with friends, and family members who also causes us great unhappiness. We have conditioned our minds to believe that the "unknown"  is always "bad'  , that is best to be "safe" than sorry failing to realize that taking chances does not only exhibit 'FAITH" it also gives us more opportunity to grow and to become better human beings to learn from the consequences whether the consequences are in our favor or not.  I believe the reasoning's behind this madness is because we do not think enough of ourselves.

    We tend to fold at what others may feel about us or think about us if we begin to take steps towards our own happiness in living a fulfilled and happy life. Then there is the struggle that we have with disappointing God. We tend to read the scriptures and study them yet the only thing we seem to pull from the scriptures is the fact of how we will be punished and doomed to hell if we fail to do what God tells us to do in his word.  we skip the scriptures that inform us that God wants us as our child to live lives to the fullest and more abundantly and that it is not his desire that any of us perish. We over look the fact that God walked the earth before he ascended back into the heavens, we forget that God knows our struggles because like us he had those same struggles. Though tempted he never sinned however, he knows we will because of us being human and not perfect like him.

      We live in a world of pretend, we live lives of deceit and unfulfillment simply because of  not opening up our minds to the "unknown" or the "unfamiliar. No wonder why depression , and suicide is at an all time high, we at times are our own selves enemy. Just because we have a child with someone it does not mean we must be bound to that person the rest of our lives if we are not getting fulfiled and are truly happy. Where did we learn that it is "Okay" for us to settle for the least when we want the most, settle for second when we deserve first, settle for half of happiness and fulfillment when we deserve complete.

    The most unfortunate thing of all is that while some of us are sacrificing our own fulfilment of life, those around us are happy as can be not ever taking the time to notice or to care that just like them we have the right and desire to be fulfilled. Fear freezes us, it paralyzes us and keeps us in a state of unfulfillment. I nominate myself to begin to make the change. I will become more aware of the fears I face that hinders my progress in life. I will make the attempt to live and not just exist, I will give love without the fear of it hurting me realizing that if I give love completely and whole heartily it is not my fault if I get hurt but the fault of the ones who hurt me.


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