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I'm inventing a language, for both fun and practical uses. I'd like others to learn it.
This is my Ria note and direction page, and is intended to be edited quite frequently. Please actually lend a hand in its creation, and feel free to email suggestions and whatnot.

Ria Prinsipili

Those main nouns, or whatever you may call them -the founding pronouns- such as I, WE, THEY, HE SHE IT and so on, do not exist in Ria.

Words, such as the first word I ever made (rmnan) should role and flow. Do not pronounce words with a hard, English speaking accent, but more of a sort of French-Russian kind of bit.

Correct: rrrrmmnnahhn.

Incorrect: rrhm-nahn. The word is one syllable. Let letters blend and melt into one another.


Now for some fundementals.

Ria is strong in gender.

Rmnan, means "the female turtle," while rmnon (rmnoan. Think moan, but with an N in it) refers to a male turtle.

This is a list of Rian words, invented so far, as my phone is dying and modern technology has once again failed me.

Rmnan, rmnon, prozha, prozheo, dacha, bromni, limna, prizhima, til, nromni, nrom, drzhnam, dobreonsti, dobreorarts, chitchni, sdranam, libi, olibinsti
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