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This is the lyrics for a theme based album about space and time
Rapid Universe Colonization Project

(News broadcaster: )“ Today the project leader of the Rapid-Universe-Colonization-program, Khan Mnger, announced that a nearby planet will be used as a base for the upcoming project.  From this base the information about our species DNA will be sent to a planet 20 light years away in the form of electromagnetic signals. To be able to receive such signals one of our finest models of the newest robot technology together with a small crew will be sent with near-to-light-speed to the far off planet to build a base. Here the signals will be received  and realized into individuals of our species.

(Muffled voices as the intro plays)
Boy: What is that?
Adult male (father): That must be the Rapid Universe Colonization program launching their vessel

Female: Thousand people watch as the ship arise
Throughout the night are cold, prolific stars accompanying
Can this attempt bring our civilization beyond?

5 hours earlier...

Son, this is the beginning
When I stood where you stand
I was scared for my fathers life
but he stayed there with me

Choir: Father, We will miss you so
Female and female: We will be together soon
Male: Count the stars until I arrive
Conscience: Deep into the realm of the unknown

Mother: Your father’s heading into the unknown
where blue giant stars and magnetars rest
God watches over the heroes who try their best

Female: Dearest, in your eyes...could I sense that there was more than “good bye?”
Male: A true man is a servant for country and cause
Though, I missed them so much when I left

Female: What will he look upon
when I see the sunrise?
Male: I can see the starlight
Female: When I see the moonshine
Male: Away from fading daylight
Femal: Let’s wake to one sunrise
Male: Let us walk through sunshine
Both: We run out of our time


We are beginning to walk into a different dawn
This technology has helped us reach a final point
On and on, these tiny miracles unfold
I could wake up to a sunrise another place than here

We have given up the life we had
Now I can’t escape my fate
It is hard to contemplate
Only worrying...
Will I ever smile again
Chorus: Will he come back? How do you know?
Female: ….and I try to keep my sanity
Chorus: Voices from the thin air appear
Femal: Let’s gather at sunrise
We run out of our time...

We are beginning to walk into a different dawn
This technology has helped us reach a final point
Conscience: On and beyond
On and on, these tiny miracles unfold
I could wake up to a sunrise another place than here

I can recall this:
When I was a small boy
I felt relieved
That he would stay there with me

Conscience: Can you leave them?

We will travel thousand light years
We are making the universe our own

Now that I am grown up
I hold my son’s hand
right before I am gonna leave the ground
My own conscience burns

Conscience: Can you live with yourself?
your son- will he forgive you for this?

Female: I wait...
Days turns to night as I do
Waiting...wanting...for the morning that brings him back

Who is the hero in these times of trials?
One goes off to fight a war...the other stays to stand the ground

Tough are the choices that we have been given
when technology has helped us reach a final point
On and on these tiny miracles unwind
Soon we may wake up at sunrise another place than here

We will travel thousand light years
We will travel far
We will travel thousand light years
Now we are making
the universe our own

End game

When the ship’s journey is settled with celestial calm,
amplified by the view of the space yard,
the family man can only observe
that it’s hard not to share the magnificent view,
and the stoic calm,
with his child and wife at home

The terrible burden that was laid on him by chance
reveals the scientist’s duty when he picks the shortest straw
To preserve the progress of technological advance
his sacrifice was his life in exchange for a superior nation

Sometime in the future,
upon the arrival of the long awaited event,
the crew of scientist is stroken with astonishment:
They see, in a globe, a parallel to their lives;
an neat looking planet with specters of light in an approaching dawn

They bring a living sample for science
It looks at them in fear and wonder
They call the planet Tellus and travel yonder

When finally the ship is due for landing back home
There is much joy and happiness to come
The family father wipes his long awaited tears
When he hears his son calls him with an unfamiliar voice;
his face bleaks to the color of the ship
when he realize the impossible relation, the leap,
between father and son
The owner of the little hand he held is now older than his own

The Abduction

Year 101.116 B.C

(girl laughing in the background)

Mother: Joyous night where the sun’s at its height
Father: I have trapped a big eagle. We have food for the night
Twins: Dance for the harvest and fortune in hunt
Father:  I have made a painting on the south wall
Mother: Painting on the wall
Father: We have prepared this season well
Mother: Let us celebrate the sun

Father: I had a dream of a beast that could fly
Mother: A beast of what kind?
Twins: Yes, mother, thunderous beasts in the sky
Father: You can play, but not in the meadows
Father: oooh
Mother: ohhh

Father: The thickness of the woods hides a wolf with newborn offspring
Father: Fighting its way through nature’s trials to give his cubs a fair start,
Father: Can’t you see it's so hard
Father: One day...one more
Father: Led from moment and on...


Father: I sense the cold winds closer
Change of winds turned the rain into snow
Twins: Colder winter nights
Mother: We can prepare for the winter that comes;
colder winter nights

[2:46] <piano>

The sunlight of dawn drinks the droplets of dew, imploding the dark with a luminous view
Soaring like wind in the grass of the plains, hands spread like wings on this day free of strain
For deaf ears they fell, her fathers’ advice. She’s only concerned of enjoying her life.

A roaring chariot of thunderous silver descends on the plains this day
Her eyes turn black in endless horror over this perverted display
Oblivion awaits in the belly of this beast, opening its gaping maw like a headless jaw
Contractions of fear as her body adheres to the mind numbing forces of unnatural law

Father: A streak of light is crossing the heavens. Misfortune is near.


Mother: Husband have you seen the girl
Father: No, she went to the forest some hours ago
Twins: We can go find her and bring her back home
Father: Hurry, run along, the summer solstice is tonight
Mother: I won’t let her go alone no more
No-one’s gonna take away my girl
<Onboard The Obsidian>
<Onboard The Event Horizon>
The mission is complete, we’re returning to our homeworld
Eager to see my lovely wife again, and kiss my son good night
Finished with our plight
We have done well
Let’s go home to the others
This is what we’re dreaming of

Mother: I will look around here for a thousand years or more
My baby’s gone now let my grief in peace some time
Father: I will search the night until I fall
Choir: gone / she is gone / forever gone

The awakening (Khaos vs. Alethea)

Year 2102

Alethea: Wake up, hear me call your name
Peter, you are meant for a greater cause
Someone has to start a slide
to make a snowball roll
You have to heed the call

Alethea: I sense despair in you
Trying to recall your memories?
Peter: Where are my
Both: Days of youth?

Peter: I fear the facts have been rewritten to accommodate a lie
Alethea: Don’t be afraid, what you find may save some lives and even you

Khaos: You can’t be saved
Alethea: You can recall...
Peter: I could have sworn...
Alethea: You’ve seen the world?
Both: Before the war

Both: Always run...always hide
always trying to keep thoughts inside
Peter: I will fight, I will find answers to the riddle of our time
Alethea: To find the truth just search the library files
Peter: I’m on my way, I’ll shed some truth on this lie

Peter: Hey there, how are you Mr library clerk. I’m searching
for an indication that can help me shed some light on past events
These new reissues seem to miss some facts that I would like to uncover
Alethea: Do not rise suspicion to your cause!
Peter: These pages have been turned against their facts

Alethea: Wake up, hear me call your name
Peter, you are meant for a greater cause
Someone has to start a slide
to make a snowball roll
You have to heed this call

Alethea: I sense despair in you
Trying to recall your memories?
Peter: Where are my
Both: Days of youth?
Peter: When I was a little child my mother read me childhood story books
The days were filled with art and joy
Alt.: But now they’ve changed the facts

Alethea: Could these books decrypt our old code?
Khaos: Seems quite insane
Peter: These words lets a pattern evolve

Peter: These books have helped us solve an enigmatic riddle
carried in the form of radio waves
but samples were deranged.
I could not tell the secrets hidden there.
Translation gave us new information
Alethea: Use the key to break the final seal
Peter: A new perspective's fading into view

Alethea:Wake up, hear me call your name
Peter, you are meant for a greater cause
Someone has to start a slide
to make a snowball roll
You have to heed this call

Peter: I have got to find a way to build like this
I have got to find a way to build this ship
Progress, innovation; burning midnight oil

Alethea: Wormholes must be stable to survive
Peter: I’m observing
Genesis of anti energy
Both: This is all I/you need (Peter synger “I”, Alethea synger “you”)

Alethea: I always believed you’d come by
ALT: Both: Not stand in silence
ALT: Both: Accept the challenge
Peter: Before it’s dawn I’ll know if someone will come
Grim: To take you away

Guileful, shrewd...I wear my feathers black in this deceitful game
I must distract them now - to keep the young ones free from harm, save them all
They spin a web of lies to keep us in their guise

Peter: I can recall as I worried before
Peter: so easy I felt as you listened

Alethea: Just like in life
You know I’m with you always

Peter & crowd: Now this oppression has held us down too long
Peter: I’ll build a vessel too early for its age - our Noah

Crowd: Tell us more

Peter: Plans were sent by someone far away
And I solved the riddle so that we can go
Crowd: Could this man be right
Alethea: The morning light will come
Crowd: Could this man be right
Both: Too long now, minds imprisoned, I’m the saviour, I can set you free

Alethea: Wake up, hear me call your name
Peter, you were meant for a greater cause
Someone had to start a slide
to make a snowball roll
I’m glad you made this call

The escape 

The year is 2105 on planet earth. The great religious renaissance has kept people under oppressive control for decades. Peter and his companions have built an intergalactic vessel based on newly discovered technology found hidden in books in the library. As they prepare for launch they are assaulted by religious fundamentalists. Peter makes a last stand to ensure the safety of his crew, and sacrifices himself for a higher cause.

(ca 0:40)

Libera, redemtor laetificus

Male: Don’t want to live our lives in vain
Female: Folding hands in obligation

chorus: Let us go we fly

(ca 1:05)
female: Trying to stop our launch:
male: By shooting us down
female:  The army engage
male: The army engage
female: The army engage from the ground
male: Missile fire lights up the sky
both: That was the start of the end

Male: We left the earth in a ship that was build
with alien help, by Peter himself
Female: Don’t want to live our life in vain
Both: Folding hands in obligation

Female:Leaving this world to fall
Male: We have moved on
Female: Don’t want to be caught
Male: Don’t want to be caught
Female: Don’t want to be caught in a lie
Male: Before the war we had a choice
Both: Then came democracy’s end

(ca 1:25)
male: why,that’s quite a blast
female: It’s so inviting
female: I feel so free at last
male: Free, to leave our past
female: This is a brand new start

both: ah, ah

(ca 1:45)
Female: There has been great achievement here
as we are stumbling on
we know that we are transient like a dream

Chorus: And this is why we’re moving on

(ca 2:00)
Male: It’s such a paradox: our lives:
Female: Directed by laws of space and time
Male: has taken us so far
Leaving a cursed life, heeding the omens
I wipe off the tears from my brothers child, again and again in my mind
They will grow up fighting Mujahedin

(ca 2:40)
Female: As a magic morning draws
and hides a fainting moon,
cleaving planets has revealed a space port into sight

Still not what we look for
Intelligence has passed
Female: We will fold the fabric of what’s real
Male: Gather up the anti energy
Female: Tear a hole in space time ....we fall in

(ca 3:05 Refreng)
Female: Watch out as we dive
Male: We’re more than 40 light years from the moon
Male: I’m staring at twin suns
Male: I want to sample this day
for while our world is still asleep,
while we are here,
Peter saved the day

(ca 3:50)
Female: This planet seems to stand out from the others
Male: this could be the kind of life we did hope to find
Male: Maneuver steady, set her down
Female: I will put her down there to the east

Year 2115

Her: Those crystal eyes
has an alien feel   
paints a dream like picture
of a place far away

Him: In this strange blue-ray light
Out from this fogyish atmosphere:
Two twinkling stars forms a center
in a face that appears (oh)
There is life in this place

Her: Where are you from?
Him: where are you from
To where do you go?
Her: Are you the gods we awaited?
Him: you are my God
Her: What happens now?

oh, oh

Him: what happens now?

Him: This tendering voice
Makes me calm and at peace
I hope it’s  “she” I’m now familiar with

A stream of diamonds flowing down from a silver hill
but to her beauty it can not compare

Both: Together we could fly the universe above
From here to outer space everything can be ours
Together we could conquer all the stars above
I knew that faith would find its way through space and time

Blue dwarflike suns chase away the fog from the moon
Two daring hands reaching out under wondering eyes
In silence listening to the sound of me and you: each others hearts

Both: Together we could fly the universe above
From here to outer space everything can be ours
Together we could conquer all the stars above
I knew that faith would find its way through space and time

The watchmaker's dream: Discovering the Illusion Suite

There's disturbance on the radar
Ask the captain to come down
There are certain signs of life here
We are entering someones realm

There's a galaxy approaching,
but signals are deranged
There’s a premonition
In my heart
Keep her steady in flight

How exciting, can this be our mark

(ca 2:20)
Male: Far ahead; a structure scape -- formation seems so familiar
Female: It orbits the sun; like a globe
Male: Closer and closer we fly
Andreas Grim: There’s no way back
Female: The radio's on
Andreas Grim: Control your fear
Female: Wait, listen up!

Spoken: The illusion suite elders takes posession of the crew, one by one, to communicate

(ca 2:50)
Roger Grim: Travellers, how can I help?
Female: Who is there , who’s talking, who are you?
Roger Grim: Once we’ve been to the earth..
Female: Your thoughts are my connection
Male: I am without complexion
Female: You are true perfection
Male: How can we meet and talk?
Female: Put down your ship and then think of me
Male: look at all these spectacles
seems like they have occupied...
Female: Im filled with awe
Male: ...wiped out all
Female: ...and their power reach far.

(ca 3:40)
Vast constructions, teeming life
Filling the dark horizon
Female: Fractions of light splits the sky
Bridging the planets

Grim: One-button-push
Female: Directing stars
Grim: Illusion Suite
Female: Controls it all

(ca 4:25)
Both: Gaze out beyond: we are surrounded by globes
Each plays its role in this world of space

(ca 5:30)
Grim: Thou who dwellst; materialize
Female: I can have any form I want
Grim: How do you travel the stars
Female: Digital refinement
Male: We have no restrictions
Female: We have no afflictions
Male: Our consciousness' out of your grasp
Female: With speed of light we travel galaxies
Male: We are just intelligence
We are not defined, like you, by flesh and blood
Female: One awareness, one atom (pron: Adam)

(ca 6:20)
Both: Are they one million year ahead of us?
Then where do we go on from here?
There can be no returning
This is our Illusions Suite (kor)
Our new city
Reborn in light beneath the stars

Female: If we settle down
We must learn to live our lives beyond our senses
Grim: rid of our mass, rid of our mind

Chorus: Here our journey will end
Female: Time to settle down
We shall live forever
Our journey ended at last
Grim: Rid of your mass, rid of your mind

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