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An appeal ....
To whom that is wrapped in a bubble-like oven;

Trapped and entangled in a web of impossibilities;

Lost in a cloud of indecision and uncertainty

And intuitively troubled, overwhelmed and frozen.


To whom that may venture

On a mission that is not worthwhile or fulfilling,

Wherefore one could not fashion a clue to success …

Unless someone breaks the bond of adventure.


To whom that may exit the box of complacency,

To see the outside world

And interact with each and everything

Within the realm of consistency.


To whom that may travel to and fro home:

The sensational and the senseless;

The hopeful and the hopeless;

And the known and the unknown.


To whom that may be adventurous

Even when failure is staring him in the face;

Fighting harder and harder to fend off disgrace

Through a mission that is tough and disastrous.


To whom that is strong mentally and morally …

Remembering and acknowledging that:

The mind is the engine of decision;

To lose it is to make way for insanity and fertilize folly.


To whom that may trod the big world,

Relying on the virtue of patience;

Knowing that in this unforgiving world where patience may reside

Arrogance and hate would at times unfold.


To whom it may concern:

Heartaches, trials and difficulties ignite the life-fire we burn;

So let us live to uphold the commands, values and service to God

And be assured that through all our experiences we will learn.

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