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Stampede: A community event got shattered in an ethnic clash. ...
The rays of Autumn emitted;
Sunlight breaking through the gray overcast,
To escape the chaos
Where several possibilities existed.

A flurry of activities;
Confusion, hustling and bustling,
Not a measure of order,
Just an unruly staging of ethnic parties.

Confusion sped like electricity;
A chaotic scene belied the danger;
A park crammed like a city
With craziness, disorder, madness and insanity.

Attendees dispersed in every direction;
Seeking rescue from a terrible malfunction;
Running, balancing and reaching for stability;
Staggering drunkenly with everything seemed like an illusion.

Confusion! awkward situation!
Disturbances flared;
Men, women, boys and girls all frightened and scared;
Victims of those who operationalize the CRAZY NOTION.
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