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by Ajay
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make promise to oneself,set big target,evaluation of every moment but plan first
Dear Me,

The new year has arrived.Now everyone wants to welcome the new year with some resolutions which will help improve the quality of life in future.The resolutions keep on reminding about the ultimate goal in life.With concerted efforts and with complete focus on the target,the resolutions can be achieved.

It is more apprpriate not to be egocentric and one should try being less selfish and more altruistic.One should not adopt or devlop habits whiich may cause inconvenience and irritations to other co-workers.

One must work out the best possible way to interact with others.If a person learns how to behave correctly,the people around will be more conducive and will respond positvely,whatever be the position.Using compassion and kindness,a person can gain a lot even from difficult and unpleasant persons.Such attitude will provide pleasant surprises which will make the person to have faith in  its own abilities to excel in  the career.

.It will be more appropriate to concilliate the duties and dedicate some time to relations.One should not feel oppressed,Cheerfulness and light heartedness can let one overcome any difficult phase.By sharing positive energy with everyone,one can develop great harmony and eventually learn to appreciate and enjoy it.

One must be patient not to force the events.If one learns to adapt to various situations,great benefits and advantages may be obtained resulting in fulfiling the resolutions

One must try to keep the promise  in full sincerity whatever be the circumstances.This year one must promise to oneself that whatever target has been set for the year,it shall be achieved.If 100% of the targeted success seem  difficult at the end point,one should not feel discouraged and one should not loose heart and stop trying to achieve the target.

If one sets an ambitious goal for the year,then the success will also be equally rewarding.It is important that the resolution in the new year should be made keeping in view a big target.It is to be kept in mind and  sight that the positive preparations in right direction for big objective will also be rewarding.

Every reponsible person does some evaluation of its creative works and one can easily understand that what efforts were put in and what eventually came out of it?whether efforts put in are satsfying or something more needs to be done?

If you make some resolutions on the occasion of New Year every year and you work for it sincerely and you get some success

,then one must set bigger target this time for the new year.It must be kept in mind that the little successes may be step forward but to gain big position in any feild,one needs big break of success.

The success in any endevour is possible only when sufficient planning is done and the take the firm step forward.The planning is very important part of life,therefore in 2012 one must resolve that whatever the big target has been set,for that all essential components will be properly planned and be set in place before hand.It will be appropriate to evaluate that for achieving the target what articles will be needed,how much time it may take and ofcourse the finances involved will have to be budgeted.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1839565