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Something important happened!

            It was a day. Not much was happening. But, Sarah was angry.
      No one was certain why. And she wasn't talking. Mike looked about
      for things to do. He settled on Sarah's mystery.

            "So, are you upset about Mike?" he asked. Sarah glared at Mike.
      He was making no progress. "Maybe you want to leave and do something
      else?" he pressed on. Sarah huffed and spun about, turning her back to
      Mike. This was perplexing.

            Mike offered Sarah some coffee and a cruller donut. Sarah nibbled
      and sipped. Her face was less tense. "Mike, I just don't understand why
      the Middle East is always in turmoil." she said. Mike took a step back in
      astonishment. Sarah was not known for her deep thoughts. In fact she had
      hardly said anything profound ever.

            "Well, Sarah, the Middle East is made up of many different tribes.
      The British tried to unite them by redrawing their countries boarders.
      Unfortunately, this only created more disputes over territory. If the Iranians
      attack Israel, there will be a terrible war. The United States has sworn
      to defend Israel against any country that threatens her." Mike felt a swell
      of confidence in his statement. Sarah looked quizzically at him.

            "Why can't the Israelis move?" she asked with a frown. Mike held
      in a chuckle, "Ah, they believe that God promised them the land."
      Sarah turned her head sideways. "Well, isn't God everywhere?" she
      said with a squint behind her horned rimmed glasses. Mike was stumped.
      "The Jews need a homeland. They suffered a holocaust in World War II."
      Mike was stumbling over his words. Sarah looked very confused.

            "Let me get this straight .. The Jews moved to the Middle East to
            escape a war? But, you just said there's going to be a war there,
            because the Jews are there." Sarah made a very stern look.

      "Ah, it's not that simple. Israel is the United States' greatest ally in
      the Middle East. We need them to .. keep the..  peace..." Mike's voice
      faded,  "The Bible says the Jews will return to Israel and rebuild the
      Temple of Solomon." Mike was more confident again.

            "Oh, why not let them build their Temple in Nebraska or Vegas!
            It seems like a lot of trouble over a tourist attraction." Sarah folded her
            arms and pouted.

    "I.. don't think the Israelis would like that. They're very proud of Jerusalem.
    This is about religion and sovereignty .. The Israelis must have a homeland
    where they can be... safe." Mike coughed and smiled at Sarah.

            "They're not safe! They're surrounded by countries, who have sworn
            to destroy them." Sarah took a big bite of her donut and pouted.

      "Yes. That's been their problem throughout history. That's why they're
      not going to move again. They're stronger united." Mike answered with

            Sarah stomped her foot,  "Then we're headed for World War III."

      "Well, that's prophesied in the Bible too." Mike ate the rest of Sarah's

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