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by Johnny
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One night, one lonely night, the terrifying nightmare begins.
The boy awakens in his bed,
Not sure why he's even awake.
The boy walked to the door and opened it,
He saw total darkness,
Not even a spectacle of light.

He walked slowly down the never-ending hall,
Feeling as though, he was being watched.
He kept walking aimlessly,
Until he heard a low growl.
He turned around,
He saw nothing.
He heard it again,

He starts to feel fear coursing through his body.
Then he saw something pass by quickly,
Something dark and unatural.
He backed up slowly...
Until he hit something,
Something cold and silent.
He turned around and....
What he saw truly terrified him.

It was a dark demon,
With red eyes, horns, and unatural dark skin.
He showed the boy a toothy grin,
The boy tried to back away,
But he was fixated in that very spot.
Then suddenly the demon lunges at him.

The boy wakes up screaming,
Panting with great fear.
He looks around and realizes that he is in his room,
With a sigh of relief, he falls back to sleep.
But in a dark corner,
Remains those blood red eyes.

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