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Exactly how it sounds! Read and Review!

My First Fancharacter. Nowadays, she's become something of my Author Avatar. The original idea for Eve was that she was originally a Touhou fancharacter for a story called Random Suikma.(Great series, look it up) But after time, that idea was somewhat scraped. MANY ideas came & went over the Years: From being the descendant of Mario, Sonic and Goku, to becoming a high school student, to become a monster of sorts, the list goes on, really.

Then, as if a literal light-bulb of inspiration hit me, I decided to make Eve a reality jumping fighter, to not only find a place where she belongs, but to fight strong people. She wears: pants, long-sleeved shirt, brown hair, and hazel eyes. Personality: Energetic, yet cares for others. She will fight when she wants to, and LOVES animals. As a teen, she becomes more moody, lazy, and gains a hair-trigger temper, but still has a heart of gold. She barely gains any curves though. But when she reaches adulthood, puberty hits her like a T-rex headbutting a person. She becomes something of a model, but still has her temper, but she has mellowed down a little. She is surprisingly strong, even as an child, and has a wide arrange of powers, but know when to use her powers. She will play a prank occasionally using her powers.


My most-used Digimon OC. A Rookie level, her appearance is basically a little kit(Baby fox) with dragon wings.

Anyway, she's mischievous to the point that she does harmless pranks. (Which surprisingly, isn't very often.) However, she has a big heart, and if she sees someone who is sad, (Due to her pranks or not.) she will comfort them, like how a cat will rub their body against a person's leg.


Fox Fire

She inhales a bit of air, and spews out a small fireball. Is hot enough to warm up a Non-Digimon, or to start a fire against inanimate objects like clothes. Against Digimon, it burns them a little.

Power Paw

This move is a little different from its name sake. Instead of punching, she kicks the opponent before finishing with a powerful roundhouse kick. Uses this against people she doesn't like. Against Digimon, its easily dodgable, but it hurts quite a lot.

Demon Wing

There are two versions of this move; the first one makes KitDramon do a aerial version of a drive-by, using her wings to cut the Digimon nearly into two pieces. Can cut through metal like a chainsaw through wood.


Before I continue, I'd like to announce that.....THIS IS MY FIRST MALE CHARACTER! *Cue audience clapping and trumpets blaring*

Robomon is also a Rookie level, like KitDramon. However, while KitDramon is based off of Mythological creatures, Robomon is based on robots. His appearance is that of a toy robot, (One of the old-fashioned ones) but don't let that fool you.


Robo Punch

Robomon makes his arm turn into a projectile, which flies towards the enemy, a la Rocket Punch.

Metal Kick

He flies upwards, charges up power in one foot, before performing a flying kick.

Inspired by Tetsujin 28-go.

Shock Beam

Robomon's eyes glow, before releasing a electrical beam for them.

Champion Form: Tetsumon

Standing at 20ft, this blue behemoth may appear frightening, but honestly wants to protect people more so than their buildings. Oddly enough, his weapon of choice is a guitar. When angry, his normally yellow irises with his blue pupils turn completely red, and when combined with his roar while he is like this, is considered something to scare Rookies, and even a few Champion level Digimon.

Grand Cutter

Using his guitar, Tetsumon cuts his opponents with it.

Wave Cannon

Strums a little on his guitar, before unleashing a sound wave powerful enough to break glass.

Thunder Blast

Charges up electricity, (Before you ask, yes, he DOES strike(haha, pun!) a pose like Great Mazinger) before unleashing it from his fingertip.

While charging, he becomes a living Bug Zapper.

Tetsu Spin

While flying, Tetsumon spins around & around in a drill-like fashion, fists in a Superman pose.

Really hits hard, even against heavily armored Digimon.

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