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Rindar is the Central Character in "Shadow Writing" exercise... or is he?
Character Sketch Template

Rindar the CC in the Volusia series

Name:  Rindar

Age:  22

Location:  Central France

Family History:  Raised in a tribal Cro-Magnon family.

Career aspirations:  To accepted back into the Buffalo Clan and become an  honored member of the tribe
Race:  Caucasian

Features:  Handsome, strong, athletic, and muscular

Appearance:  A hunter in the prime of his life

Likes:  Things to go his way

Dislikes:  Surprises

Physical condition:  Well conditioned with stamina

Ailments:  In excellent health

Education: Basic tribal hunting and domestic skills.  Is a skilled knapper

Socioeconomic background:  Member of tribe of hunter gathers

Parents:  Father? Vilnar…. Mother  Falluqua.

Siblings:  Falluqua bore six children, three boys and girls

Ambition: Become an honored member of the tribes

Hobbies:  Knapping flints.

Significant Others: None (Subject to Change *Bigsmile*)

Intelligence:  Smart and resourceful… cunning

Emotional Stability:  Solid

Flaws: Sharp temper, impulsive

Other Traits: Warm eyes, inviting smile

Pivotal events in life:  Killing of Wardarian  warrior and expulsion from tribe.

Favorite foods:  Elk, deer and strawberries
Favorite music:  Drum and stick harmony

Favorite reading material:  Trail signs

Religion: Great Spirit

Personality: Typically glum

Habits: Leads an extremely regulated life in accordance with the sun, time of day and migrations of the herds.

Favorite thing to do:  Knapp, hunt, eat, and have sex.

Comfort level with opposite sex: Uninhibited

Things he/she takes pride in:  Craftsmanship of his implements, dwellings and pottery making.

Things that bother him/her:  Deviations of what he expects to happen.

Things that make him/her laugh:  When things happen to others that do not meet expectations.

Speech patterns:  No impediments…speak a Cro-Magnon dialect.

*Smile*          *Frown*          *Wink*          *Blush*          *Rolleyes*          *Sad*          *Envy*          *Pthb*          *Angry*          *Laugh*

Prose Synopsis of the Central Character:
Rindar is a Cro-Magnon hunter, five feet ten inches tall and weighs approximately 160 lbs.  He is wiry,  with quick reflexes and long running stamina.  He has exceptionally well attuned senses even for someone in this environment.  His vision is keen, sense of smell exceptional and bodily strength at the peak of his prime.  Being banished has taken its toll and for one who is well socialized to his tribal ways the punishment is particularly acute.  Despite this he manages well in a physical sense despite his spiritual suffering.
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