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I need to know that everything will be okay.
I need to know that everything will be okay. That all of the pain and suffering will be worth it in the end. That the heartbreak, rejection, and failure will lead me to something better. Something that makes me look back and realize that everything I have done has lead me here. To this new and wonderful life. A life filled with more than I ever could of imagined. But life doesn’t provide those kind of guarantees. Instead, we wander aimlessly, pouring our heart and soul into finding ourselves. Who we are and what we want. And most importantly, what we deserve. Life is filled with uncertainty and sometimes we just need that little something letting us know that it will be alright. That in the end, our life will have meant something to someone. And that we never gave up. That we didn’t let life’s obstacles leave us defeated and wanting more. That we fought back when we were told that we weren’t going to make it or that we were not good enough. That we never stopped believing in ourselves. In the possibility of making a difference. In the possibility of happily ever after.
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