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by luxuz
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Forever ends the street of love but love is mean..
I am not talking about myself .I just have a story for all of you who wants to read, It may be interesting but not funny. A story about the greatest thing in her life; About Love . Some parts are may not be so good but you don't have to worry , because the person I am talking about is fine . It is a friend of mine and we met each other some days ago and this is what she wants to tell you : Take care my love , take care of you .

She is not young any more but mature and have feelings too, Of course, a mirror is not the best gift for her but give her a rose and she will smile .

She can remember a lot of things about her childhood . She loved flowers as well as animals too and, her father was and still is ' The Best ' for her . And I shouldn't forget to tell you about her grandmother, the modest, cutest and really old woman till now.

As time runs and she grew up with a quiet young girl living in the shadow of the glowing older sister . Their mother loved to buy nice things or cut nice dresses for her older sister . It gives a lot of ways to love and one is to love the family but the best is to love yourself.

And all the girls around had boyfriend but she was more like everyone’s nice friend but no ones girlfriend . Of course she was playing "cool " but in the night she starts to feel alone and does not feel tough anymore . Anyway , she always have this smile on her face that tells people around, she is a nice person inside and also have a place in her heart for anyone who is ready. She had a lot of friends and had time for those who liked her.

And then her first love almost killed her. She loved him so much that his love blinded her and was not ready to lose him for anyone, not even when the guy beats her. This goes out to all those who are still lonely : Be prepared ! Be careful ! It is a miserable journey and you have to manage and correct to get things right.

After that -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Black out . Nothing . --

The End of the World for a long , long time .

, Very important : The Fool she was ignored to love!... She knew about him but was not really interested. She wanted the love which almost killed her.

Just think about what would have happened if she had given her love to the other one... who knows?

Another break . A marriage - Till death do us part .......Bla, bla , bla

Another break .

And the best comes at last . If you really want it then you should never give up!!!

My Clue : As I heard about it I wanted to know more about what happened..

But in the mean time don t forget to believe !

Love will fuck the most of us . When not - then It is :The Greatest Thing in Life . That is what my friend was saying :Love till you die ! Love Forever .

You all have a small chance to understand what is life about .

Dancing with the Evil and breaking your neck . / Love - The best at last
The essential question is who created the Evil . When God created everything , did God created the Devil ? Is the Devil God's child ? Let us say the "Black ship of the community ? "
So she - my friend- is now 47 and is alone at home watching TV . Second X-mas day : 26 of December 20th Century.. . An advertisement is running : E darling - be our member and you will find with us your happiness- we will show you where Love is .
I mean any normal human person who is lonely at that day, it was her birthday at the same time .
You know how it is - still being alive after a divorce , a cancer disease and a short relationship with an alcoholic - after some years "Break Again" - then "Why not ?" trying . When you feel you have to give so much love and all you are asking for is that somebody will see you and you also need love . What is so wrong to think about that: Hey see if those guys know where Love is . Let them show you . You were blind but now you will see. You will finally find " Love".
So my friend told me why she did that, what she did and I understood her . Don t judge her, just listen .

What when Love is an old whore ? Always lying and running away ?
What when the payment will be your soul ? what when this time will be last time ? How do you want to manage it ?
Will you still hope of "No end "/ Forever / Till the end of the time ?
Yes ? then welcome in club . Be one of us ..
The following story is only for people + any age who want to think again about Love.
When you are like me ,I always want to know the End. The End is that Love has No End .
We are all working on it .
What? You want to hear the story ? What for a story? Hers or mine ? Remember yours - it will be as good as ours.
Good night . I hope you will get no nightmares because of this story or because of yours .
Sleep well .
Go all to bed and don't forget to love yourself . Who knows if you will ever get another love . Sure is sure.
09.01.2012 for you my love forever wherever you will be and whatever you will do . I had always believe in you-Heaven and Hell to the same time like love is ..
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